Roon Ready DAP?

Is there such thing as Roon Ready DAP?

Hopefully with Tidal Hifi tier streaming capabilities and MQA support. And capability to “pull” Lossless tracks from my NAS or PC.

Or maybe just a daydream?:wink:

Not really a DAP but I think the Chord Mojo + Poly will do everything that you want except MQA, but I think Roon will soon have that in software, so you may be covered. Use your phone as the control point and to stream Tidal or Roon from their phone-based apps. And the whole thing is easily portable, so it can travel with you.

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Any of the android controllers can act as an end-point, I think. With a suitable DAC (AQ dragonfly) should sound pretty good. I guess you could always install roon on one of the sony Android DAPS?

Thanks for the replies guys.

That Meridian Explorer2 DAC looks good and it is on sale for $199 in US. Also, it is MQA capable. I am assuming I would need a source with it?

Have a look at this page. Lots of choice…

Explorer 2 needs a computer with a player. Roon, Tidal App, system output, whatever you like.

I’m using one now (bought in UK a couple of days ago for £129 in sale). Its a cute little thing. It isn’t RoonReady per-se (which is really for Roon network attached devices), but Meridian is in the tested section and gets its own custom icon etc.

Lots of choice for sure. To the point of becoming really confusing.

Can Explorer 2 be used with a “streamer” other than a computer? As long as it has USB output?

Alternatively, I am thinking of getting another Bluesound speaker (such as the cheaper Pulse Flex), as they have a headphones out jack. Not sure how good they are in terms of high quality output for headphones, and whether an external DAC is needed.

Thats the fun bit!

Seriously though once you narrow down your needs, budget, etc, the options become a bit more manageable. And of course you dont necessarily need something to be RoonReady.

Maybe if you give a bit more info about what you’re trying to achieve and on what budget, we could offer some more advice.

I’m not sure about that. I think it’s designed to be attached to a Mac/PC. I’d ask Meridian that question unless anyone else can chime in. Although if you’re starting from a blank canvass, buying a streamer and an Explorer wouldn’t seem like the most sensible solution necessarily.

Thanks Steve. I am sorry if I was not very clear on the OP.

This is the set up for my headphone listening only. I am all set on main stereo listening system (Bluesound Node 2, ELAC Uni-fi UB5 speakers, SVS SB12 subwoofer, and Rotel integrated).

As I already have some good headphones (I think) with Marshall Major on ears, the budget for everything else is no more than $500. Not sure if enough to get high resolution playback (either from ripped CDs in NAS or Tidal HiFi & MQA). Preferably with Roon integration, for future proof (still on trial with Roon).


Lots of info on here for raspberry pi’s with DAC HATs if you don’t mind a tiny bit of DIY. Not tried headphones in mine but would make a tidy Roon setup at the lower end of the budget. Or a pi (or other pi type device) and a USB DAC. Kind of rules out Tidal apps etc, but would make a great, flexible, Roon headphone system.

You’ll easily get a decent sound and high-res on that budget. Lots of headphone users here, I’m sure some will be along to give their tips.

Maybe the Explorer would work with a PI? I dont have one here so can’t test.

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I am not fluent in Android but i have glanced at the Pioneer XDP-100R which also happen to speak MQA.
Can the Android Roon App stream to “itself”?

Looks like someone’s answered this for you elsewhere, at least for a Bryston BDP-1

I used an IQAudIO DigiAMP+ with fully balanced headphones (you MUST HAVE FULLY BALANCED as a common negative [-] type headphone is not supported). I use Opposite PM-2 with the balanced 4 way XLR cable.

Its built on Raspberry Pi 3B and DietPi build, and I have a switch to allow for speakers as an option. Had a post with some pics somewhere but can’t find it now…not portable tho

Edit here it is

This will do everything I think,
MQA, roon, Tidal - it is an android device so anything you can do in android. Also has room for 2 x 200gb sd cards so you can put a lot on it natively too if you need portability.


This really looks good.

To make sure I get this right: the Pioneer DAP will serve as both “controller” and “end point”? “end point” meaning player.

Also, anybody has any experience with Pioneer’s DAC and amp for use with Audiophile headphones, such as Audeze? Or are separate Amp & DAC needed?

The newer player is the one with MQA, this is the old model and priced to blow out the old units. The new model is ~ 600.00.

The one I suggested, the 100, has MQA.
Industry first MQA® compatible portable player – MQA Update on April 12th via “Music” App available at the Google Play store

I use it with Sennheiser 650s and it is fine. However, if you are going to drive the top end Audeze you might have a bit of an unbalanced system. If you are after more output to drive the Audeze or similar “difficult” headphone loads you might be bettr off with the Onkyo DP-X1 which is the same as the Pioneer except with dual DACs and amps.
Or a cheap android device plugged into a desktop DAC/Headphone amp?

. I just purchased an Explorer 2. I think it’s “Roon certified.” It is identified in my Roon remote signal chain. I’m running it out of a Bryston BDP-1 endpoint. Both the BDP-1 and Explorer2 are identified in the chain.

Thanks Ged. Interestingly that wasn’t mentioned in any of the product description pages I had reviewed. Hmm.

Sorry to repeat the same question, but I just want to make sure this works well with Roon.

That Onkyo DP-X1 looks solid, and also MQA compatible: