Roon-ready streamer AND CD-Player

I had the idea of reducing the number of audio devices that clutter my living room. I mostly use Roon now, but I still do not want to get rid of CDs entirely. So I was thinking to buy a device that is a Roon-ready Network Streamer and DAC that also plays CDs. To my surprise, there seem to very few available? At least in the price range under 1500 $ (and even above there seems to be little). I thought it should be more since adding CD playing capabilities to a network streamer should not be a big problem from an engineering perspective if the DAC is on board anyway. Also, I don’t think I’m the only person who does not want to give up on CDs (e. g. since the kids want to play their CDs on my stereo (and I don’t want their stuff in my Roon library). And I am also not the only person who would rather have one device standing around than two. What am I missing here? Any recommendations?

Have you thought about buying a CD transport? They’re good value for money at the moment and make use of this DAC.

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Thanks! But a CD transport would still require two devices, right? A CD transport and a DAC/Streamer. What I am looking for is a unit that combines the CD function with DAC/Streamer. Something like this, now discontinued device:,FMJ,CD-Player,cds27.htm?lang=
AND then of course roon-ready, which the Arcam is not …

Naim Uniti Star? Complete one box system…

Yes — but at a quarter of the price, please … :slight_smile:

An alternative could be to look at Pro-Ject. I could combine my existing DAC/Streamer with their minuscule CD box … (my existing CD player is HUGE).

Fair enough - might have been an option if it could replace existing power amplifiers (and, I guess, other kit) that you could sell on…

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UPnP bridge and any DNLA equipped device. I like the look and footprint of the little Yamaha CD-NT670(D). It has Airplay so should be seen by Roon natively but if you want full resolution then use a bridge.

Thanks! The Yamaha looks alright and I see there are a couple of other manufacturers offering a CD-player + Network streamer solution, though none in my price range is Roon ready. I am looking into Pro-ject now, possibly a combination of their tiny CD-player/Dac and their streamer. Their combined footprint would be much smaller than my current setup, all Roon ready, and less than 1000 $.

You could use a Raspberry Pi based system, plug in a CD Rom and run the extension that allows it to be used as a cd player.

wow – thanks a lot! It never crossed my mind that I could use my existing CD Drive (the one that I use to rip CDs on my core computer), could actually also be my CD player! It is not completely straightforward because I have my core in the basement and me CDs upstairs etc. etc., but I will definitely check out this option first before I buy anything else.

Btw, it amazes me that even someone like me without any real tech skills can build a DAC/Streamer/CD-Player with a RPi, a hat (Hifiberry DAC), and a CD-drive, which is roon ready. For under 200 bucks. Why don’t the big manufacturers do that (and charge 400?).

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Because they can and the hifi world seems to think the more expensive it is, the better it is.

Should not matter where you core is to run this. You can have the pi anywhere with it running Roons extension manager and the plugin and just the CD rom attached and it will work. The same guy also has a ripping extension so it could do all that you want in one box.


Lots of used Oppo 203/205’s on Ebay…some are reasonably priced…some are not!! I use a 203 downstairs w/my home theater and it works great as a streamer w/the display on the big screen! I use the 205 upstairs on the hifi and use the USB DAC on the 205, but it works as a streamer too. Both are well known as outstanding disc spinners and I use them w/all my SACDs, blu-ray, 4K, etc…

Because that isn’t a realistic markup.

$800 might be, and even that is uncertain. You’ll find prior art in the Bryston BDP-Pi, which is a RasPi, an AudioBerry board, a custom PSU and a screen in a fancy case, with custom software and a long-term warranty. It retails for $1000+.

Siegfried Linkwitz explained all this rather well here.

The links are dead, but in 2012, a turnkey system from Wood Artistry retailed for USD 14’750 (this is without the necessary 8 channels of high-quality amplification). According to Linkwitz, “For DIY budgetary purposes consider that the minimum material cost for the ORION project, including tax and shipping, is approximately $3600, without power amplifiers.”.

About DIY vs. Business: Sure, I did not mean to be naive about these things. People need to make money and that is OK. It is just – if the DIY is so very simple (even I can do it!), so cheap, and so relatively good, you kinda wonder why almost no one really jumped into this market segment yet. For affordable Roon ready gear, there is almost only Bluesound. I, for one, had never considered DIY if the market here would have been more diverse. Probably will be different in the future.

Having said that, I am quite impressed with the Oppo units that have been recommended! With it being a combination of DAC, Streamer, CD-Player AND BluRay-Player, I would actually get rid of an additional device through using this instead (the BluRay, that is). I also like opportunity to show a “now playing” screen on your TV. Can I ask, @Douglasmaurer: What do you think a reasonable price for the 203 would be?

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I have purchased all of my Oppo’s directly from them (83/93/105/205), but I DID buy a 203 this summer on Ebay for approx $800…some were closer to $2K which is ridiculous IMO…but now that they are extinct it may be worth grabbing them before they are gone! I have been tempted to put my old ones on there myself, but just haven’t had the time! But I agree w/you that they are a quality product that can decrease the box count a bit w/o sacrificing quality.

I thought you were going to mention NR-7CD :wink: but it’s overbudget as well

Over budget and with amplification on board too. But it could reduce the box count to one! :slightly_smiling_face:

800 $ for the Oppo sounds reasonable (as per @Xekomi’s estimate, coincidentally). The more recommendations are mentioned here, the more similar products I find, including interesting (but again pricey) options from T+A.

Another interesting option I saw this morning is a new DAC for the RPi which comes with a display and support for a CD drive. Here is Darko’s review: Roon support is possible, as per this review by Hans Beekhuyzen:

This package of course would be super inexpensive and diminutive …

Can I ask: Do you use the 203 also as a preamp? Can you do that? More specifically, can I connect my record player to it (using a digital phono pre amp)? Or does only the 205 have the necessary inputs? Thanks!!