Roon Remote can't find Core 1.7 v536

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC i3 ROCK 186
Roon Server Version 1.7 (build 536)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Asus RT-AC5300

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

WiFi connected iOS 13.4.1 iPhone 11 Pro
WiFi connected macOS MacBook Pro 10.15.4

Description Of Issue

Roon Remote was working well until I woke this morning- can’t find core (“Waiting for remote core”)

My core is visible via it’s web config page, SMB sharing works, rebooted it 3x

Hi @Eric_Zelman,

Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link?


Hi Dylan-

Hi @Eric_Zelman,

Please see see our latest update on this here:

Hi @Eric_Zelman,

We’ve posted another update here:

This should be resolved now. You might need to restart your Core and restart Roon on your remote devices, but after that things should be working for you. If you’re still running into any issues please let us know!

Thanks! Sheerly from curiosity- I assume that the ROCK gets updates (such as what you just did) pushed to it?

Hi @Eric_Zelman,

You can read about how our updates work here:

There are settings that you can adjust to determine what updates download automatically. In this specific case, though, it was a change on our server side.

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