Roon Remote Greyed-Out Artwork and/or Hanging on Albums/Artist, Pages [Fix Released, Verifying]

I have the same issue on my iphone 15. It did not happened in the past. This needs to be fixed

Hi everyone,

We’ve possibly identified a mechanism for iOS Remotes to demonstrate this behavior after backgrounding. Development is investigating this case and will implement a solution. Please bear with us and thank you for your patience.

18 days and no solution or even an update?

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Hi @Chuck_Karcher,

We shipped a fix for this issue with the last Roon release. If you’re still encountering symptoms related to those described in this thread, please open Roon Remote on the affected device and allow it to connect to the internet. We’ve activated diagnostic mode for your account to generate an automatic log upload. Using this, we’ll verify whether you’re encountering a regression/recurrence of the problem we solved or a new, and likely resolvable, issue.


Roon remote is my most used app and up and running most of the time. Shouldn’t be difficult to gather the intel :wink:
31-3: @connor Just realized it’s not my device your’re going to analyze cause the message was not for me. But if you do, you will encounter freezing all day long :cold_face:

Happened again 5minutes ago. Not fixed!

Frozen again. Twice in15 minutes.

Froze twice in the last 15 minutes. Frozen now.

Please keep shipping these fixes because this veeeeeery old issue is not yet fixed…


Frozen 4 times today. Not fixed!


Nope, not fixed at all…

Not fixed happens every day several times a day. No updates have fixed this behaviour at all.

Quite the opposite this user never had it before this latest build now does.

@Simon_Arnold3 not new, but had slowly improved and now very bad again in this release

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Can’t say I have noticed any change in it at all since November. Consistently rubbish.


Been quite on this patently waiting for a fix, unfortunately still hanging I’ve been playing Roon most of today multiple iOS hangs having to still close and reopen the app.

Months in now and no fix :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mine still hanging frequently

@connor what is the state of play here? We see more tickets popping up all the time. I cant continue to pay for Roon if this doesnt work as it should. None of these recent fixes have had any affect on this, excpet to make it more prevelant.


Roon remote is like your front desk and it’s not working. In the meantime all sorts of bugs are solved but the most important one is untouched. Unbelievable. Already waiting for three weeks now for @connor to respond on the separate topic of Pixel7’s freezing.

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Come on it’s unusable! At least give an update? Every time I need something done it’s completely unresponsive. Months and months now


Checking in to see what is the progress of this issue. I took a break and stopped using Roon because Roon Remote is unusable. This issue was reported in November last year, now it is mid April. Is this issue actively being worked on?