Roon remote on iPhone X crashes with Chord Mojo

Core Machine

Roon 1.8 build 790
iPhone X 14.4.2

Network Details

Audio Devices

iPhone connected to Mojo via micro USB to lightning.

Description of Issue

Happy Friday :beers:

Just got a Mojo and connected it to my iPhone X. As soon as I hit play in Roon remote, the app crashes. Also, Mojo does not appear in audio devices. If I use Qobuz app on the iPhone all works well.

I do not have the same issue when I use Mojo with my Mac, all works flawlessly and it even shows under audio devices.

Hello @RBO,

We’re reaching back out so late, that I was actually contemplating if it would even do any good… :pleading_face: . I am so sorry we’ve missed your thread for this long. Please, accept my deepest apology :pray:

Are you still experiencing crashes on your iPhone X? If so, have you or could you please try deleting the Roon Remote app, restarting the iPhone and installing it again?


Hey @RBO,

Since this thread was active, we’ve taken a few steps towards improving the Roon experience on iPhones (I’m referring to this), so, I was wondering, is this still happening?



All good here :grinning:

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