Roon remote very unresponsive


I am using roon core on my pc with windows 10 pro ,optimized with AO and fidelizer pro. to control the output i use a laptop running windows 10 pro with roon installed . but the connection with core is not stable , and it freezes . any suggestions please ? it has to do with the optimization process???
I want to @support to help me
i changed fixed ips from fixed to automatic and no changes . I reinstall the full compúter (Thje Core) as AO was not rsponding anymore , But the case with roon remota is still not working good. too freezy and unresponsive. but with the celular running roon it is the core responds ok , Teamviewer is working ok .any help pleasse?? @support

Hello @wilfredo_sanchez,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. Can you please provide an overview of your network? Please include the model/manufacturer of your Router, any switches, Range Extenders, Powerline adapters, ect.

Is your Core and Roon Remote connected via Ethernet or WiFi? If it is connected via WiFi can you please try connecting both of the Core and the Remote via Ethernet directly to the Router or an Unamanged switch to verify if you still experience the same issue?

Do you have any firewalls active or Antivirus Applications on your Router or the Core? I would try to temporarily disable them to see if the performance improves. Windows Defender may be causing issues here as well, so I would check to make sure that Roon is listed as an exception.

Please let me know the above information and we can continue from there.


both machines the core and the remote are connected via ethernet
they are directly connected to the router provided by my isp , and firewall and antivirus are disabled on both machines . i can acces to the core with my cell phone using roon app

Hello @wilfredo_sanchez,

Thanks for confirming that both your Core and Remote are connected via Ethernet.
Can you please let me know the exact model/manufacturer of your Router and Modem from your ISP?

How exactly does the connection “freeze” here? Are you seeing a white screen or parts of Roon become whited out? If you click somewhere when the freeze happens, like hitting the play or pause button or where it’s supposed to be, does Roon respond?

I am thinking that something might be going wrong with your display drivers for the computer, we have previously seen Nvidia drivers cause sluggish behavior and recommend re-installing the display drivers like another user has done in this thread:

Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue.


My money is on Intel HD graphics again - can/have you try the 32bit roon remote client to control.

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I unninstalled roon 64 bits on my laptop who is the remote and reinstall the 32 bit version, and now is working normally, i will keep my eye on its behavior next days and let you know if behavior remains stable ,yhank you for help!!

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