Windows 10 client very slow [Fixed - nvidia drivers]

Bit of a weird one. I’ve been using Roon client on my Win10 laptop (powerful one) for months. In the past week or two it’s started running like a dog. Properly laggy, slow scrolling, can take ten seconds for a page transition, generally awful.

  • Core is on an i5 NUC that’s running just fine.
  • Android Roon app to the same Core on a Samsung tablet is fine, with the usual snappy page transitions.
  • JRiver from the same laptop to the same NUC is as snappy as it always was.
  • Issue is the same with both ethernet and wired connections.
  • I’ve reinstalled the Roon client on the laptop with no change to the poor performance.
  • resources on the laptop are fine, 16GB Ram, Core i7 etc. I can run Doom 4 at max on this thing.

Any suggestions on further troubleshooting please? I’m fairly PC literate so have checked for bottlenecks in various resources but everything looks fine and all other applications on the laptop are running fine except Roon. Cheers.

a you running Home or Pro and did you just have a recent Windows update? And is your core Windows or Linux?

Thanks for the reply Ruggers. Turns out that a reinstall of my nvidia drivers did the trick. Rather weird considering everything else was working just fine. Oh well, happy days.

Excellent. An FYI, Roon is built like a video game in terms of graphics; it uses OpenGL 3.0, so it could very well be you were not running any other programs which utilized OpenGL and thus not see the issue.

yup that must have been it. Good to know, cheers :slight_smile: