Roon Remote won't connect

After updating to 1.2 my Roon Remote on iPad won’t connect. It sees the music server and you see it attempting to connect but “connection failed” is always the result. i have reinstalled and rebooted both Roon Remote and the Roon core running on Windows 7, but to no avail. And both devices on are the same network.

Hi Steve,

It could be a firewall issue. Turn off any firewall on the computer and see if Roon sees the Remote. If so, then turn the firewall on again and configure it to permit traffic with both Roon and RAATServer. (RAATServer is new in 1.2).

Here’s some other troubleshooting steps for connections if that doesn’t work.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue then if you provide some setup and network details the support devs will look into things further.

Thanks Andy, permitting traffic with both Roon and RAATServer allowed Roon Remote to connect! However,
it keeps losing connection and I often have to reboot the iPad to get it to connect again. And ideas?

Try reserving a fixed IP address for your iPad in the router. Sometimes that helps with intermittent connection woes.