Roon renames one zone when I rename another

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini via Ethernet

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk

Connected Audio Devices

HifiBerry Dac+ (RoPieeeXL)
HifiBerry Digi2 (RoPieee)
HifiBerry Digi2 (HifiBerryOS)

Description of Issue

I’ve lately done a lot of experimenting with different endpoint software (HifiberryOS, RoPieee, RoPieeeXL), swapping out SD cards etc.

Now I have a problem with the following 2 endpoints:

A: HifiBerry Dac+ (RoPieeeXL) via Wifi
B: HifiBerry Digi2 (RoPieee) via Ethernet

Whenever I rename the zone for A, Roon renames the zone for B as well, and it shows up as one zone in the zones menu. Roon appears to think that those 2 devices are the same :frowning:

How can I fix this to get my 2 separate zones back?

Sounds like maybe you cloned an SD card?


I did not clone the card. The RoPieee “Host Names” are different and actually show up correctly in Roon. But whenever I edit the zone name for one, the other zone name will be changed as well.

Even more annoying, I just discovered that when I disable one, it disables the other as well :frowning:

You may not want to do this, but you could probably reflash your micro SD cards and set them up again. Maybe use new names for each.

if you check in Settings about do they have different Unique ID’s? if not then a clone seems most likely

Grab 2022-03-19 at  15.54.21

Thank you, @wizardofoz! I checked and yes, the two devices have different Unique IDs. I also re-flashed the SDs and the problem persists

@support this sounds like maybe a RAAT database issue possibly then. not sure why support has not picked this ticket up but flagging them now for you.

Thanks, @wizardofoz! Here are some screenshots that I hope may aid the diagnosis:

If it really is a RAAT database issue, is there a way to reset/rebuild the database?

Have you tried turning one of them off? You might be able to rename the one that’s still turned on and then turn on the other one.

That worked - thank you, @DaveN !!

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