Roon rock is jumping over tunes (HQPlayer)

Mac can do max DSD256 with EC modulators, but it will do it fine out of the box. Pro with 12 cores enables as much filters as you can run on that hardware.

i9-9900K can do also DSD512 with the same, and with RTX2080 even more DSP. But these two will be very different in terms how they physically look.

Another difference is that if you connect DAC directly to Mac, you will need to use DoP and that will likely pose you limitation on maximum DSD rate you can do. If the DAC works with Linux without DoP, you don’t have those limitations.

So it depends on the case which solution works best.


As I have the computor in a different room it does not matter for me!
The alternatives for me is the i9 or the Pro and I will then stick to the i9 solution as it is cheaper to me and can do more!

I anyway consider tu buy the M2mini pro! Does it matter if I use Mac or Ubuntu for HQplayer? Shall I keep Roon Rock on the NUC?
Will it be possible to run DSD 512 in the future if I will buy a new DAC?

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You say 12-core but specs in Sweden say 10-core!

I do not know for sure. Not time for me to upgrade, yet. My $ are slowly getting together for a dac. So I did not do a proper research. Also I have the same impression that a Ubuntu would do more than a Mac.

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It’s “up to” 12-core


If I anyway cant run DSD 512 it would be enough with the M2 Mac mini standard?!

Depends on the filters and modulators. My m1 mini it is ok for my 256 Zen Stream but still I cannot run some of the filters (it shutters). But if you look for a future proof and a 512 dac I’ll be skipping apple. Maybe I’m wrong

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I think you are right!

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Jussi, DoP is sutomatically chosen when I play in Ubuntu! Does it mean that Mac M2 will have limitations! Then I cannot choose it!

Mac core audio (USB connected DAC to Mac) does DSD only as DoP, no native. You can still choose a Mac if you are going to use the network to connect to dac. This I know for sure, were I’m not sure: if your dac is showing in ubuntu just as DoP maybe for network NAAs you will need some patching or just install and play native.

The M1 Mac mini is a superb platform to run Roon and HQPlayer on.

It supports these settings that I use:

SDM Integrator: FIR2
SDM Conversion: XFi
48K DSD: Checked
DAC Bits: 20
Default Output Mode: SDM (DSD)
SDM Defaults:
1x = poly-sinc-gauss-xla
Nx = poly-sinc-gauss-hires-lp
Modulator: ASDM7ECv2
Bit rate: 48K x 256
Multicore DSP: Greyed
Adaptive output rate: Checked

To go to DSD512 with the same settings you need a MUCH more expensive system than an M1 or M2 Mac mini…


Thanks, saved your recommendations. I’m doing ASDM7ECv2 with poly-sync-ex2

But were do I find these settings?

Are you using HQPlayer Desktop? If yes, go to:

File Menu–> DSD source settings

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Got it, Thanks.
Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 9.09.17 PM

To have more flexibility I decided to go for the i9 9900K Rtx 2080 computor.
Do you recommend to keep the Roon Rock NUC or to have both Roonserver and HQplayer in the i9?
Do you recommend Ubuntu or Windows for HQplayer?

I would keep the two separate when possible, that is how I have things.

I would recommend to stick with Ubuntu since you know it can work. While you had issues with the Windows driver.


Well I still need your help! I have the new i9 computor running! Windows 10 was installed and I have installed Fedora 36 with HQplayer! But HQplayer cant find the DAC and now I cannot go back to Windows.
The NUC had dualboot but not the i9 computor! Anyone knows how to go back to Windows?

Well, I solved the DAC problem so now it is playing but there are some issues! I will come back to this after some more testning!
But still need help to how I can dualboot!