Roon Rock no longer working with my wifi tablets or phone

I am running Roon Rock Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Running 48 minutes, 36 seconds.
Version 2.0 (build 1133) production
Running 48 minutes, 30 seconds.

Last night i went to access from one of my tablets, and it (the roon app, and all mobile devices are and Android and worked perfectly prior to this update) said update all… I clicked yes. That was when all my mobile devices stopped connecting with Roon via the app. All I get is the login page and then when I complete my user email and password and hit enter it returns to the same screen. The only way i can use roon with my Lumin U1 mini is trough Windows 10 via Roon Bridge.

How can I get back to a working roon rock… I have zero need of accessing Roon away from my network.

Have you only just updated your core to v2.0 ? If so then you need to update all the remote apps so they are on the same version. Check the appstores to ensure they are, Roon updates do not update the remotes as they cannot trigger an update due to how the appstores work.

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I downloaded the roon apps again from the play store, but I still cannot use a app…Do I need to use the ARC app even though I have no desire to open up my network for external use?

No use the standard Roon Remote. Ignore ARC its for remote use not to control Roon inside.I would reboot your network and core and see if it helps It will be a local issue causing this.


I just uninstalled all of the tablets and my android phone roon apps and reinstalled the roon remote app on the phone. I then went into roon to authorize it and it just sits there saying enabling. From the phone after entering log in info for roon…it returns to the log in screen again.

What says enabling what are you authorising exactly man You should not have to do this for an existing Rock install. Can you load up the Rock web ui and post a screen grab.

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Of course when I returned it was no longer showing my tablets…

Here is the rock screen…

I have no idea what the HDMI devices are. It shows a short uptime because I rebooted.

They are part of the Nuc they are always there unless you deactivate hdmi in the bios.

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At least that is not the cause of the problem. I wish i could roll back to the non ARC version.

Roon is working fine if your pc can access it. Are you sure your tablets are connected to exactly the same network as your core? Check the ip addresses of them compared to the core. You sure the tablets are running the same version as the core?

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grafik → Potential issue with your network? The following guide may help:


Potential restart loop of the Roon Server software? I leave it to support to assist here.


Good spot, better eyes than me.

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You can. Install Roon 1.8 Legacy on ALL of your devices.

The tablets and phone were just running roon remote. I have verified they are all on the same network.

Is Roon remote for legacy 1.8?

There is a Roon Remote app for Roon 2.0 and a different app for Roon Remote (Legacy). Both are on the app store.

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Thanks I will try 1.8 too.

You can’t mix and match. All Roon devices need to be on the same version of Roon.

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