ROON ROCK NUC not accessing network

I have a NUC in a fanless enclosure which was until last night working perfectly and have been using a ethernet to usb converter, then ethernet out to my DAC. To facilitate the ETH/USB converter I have been using a static IP address using your recommendations, below:
IP address:
I have been noticing some random dropouts in the last week or so and had been wondering if these were in any way due to my upgrade to 1.6 (am using latest software for both ROON and ROCK)
so I logged into the ROON Web Portal and downloaded the software again and rebooted.
I must have altered my network settings (ie: as I had just noticed the Ethernet 2 tab, etc when looking around) and as a result my network cannot see the ROCK. I booted the ROCK using my tv as a display and the unit is working as I can see the settings and BIOS pages.
I then connected the ROCK to my Mac by ethernet which the MAC can see as an ethernet connection but cannot communicate with it as it has a static ip address.
My urgent question…How can I access the web portal to check/revise the settings on the ROCK if the network cannot see the ROCK?
The network is fine. The ROCK is on a switch and the CAT7 cable is fine. If I place another ethernet device on that line the device is visible.
It is obvious, when viewing this query that I am an amateur at networking protocols so have likely made a mess if things.
Your help requested.
Thanks, Warren

If you have an iPad install Fing, it will discover IP addresses on your network then you can use the correct IP address. I believe there is a Mac version too.

I use a similar App named Network Analyzer and when scanning the network the IP address for the ROCK doesn’t show up as it used to…seems the device is attached but not communicating with the network…the ethernet lights up with both green and yellow lights

I’m a bit confused by the ethernet/usb bit?
Is the NUC plugged in using the normal ethernet port?

the eta/usb device allows for a “bridged connection” so the ROCK isn’t feeding into a switch then out to the DAC. To solve this issue I have the ethernet cable directly into the ethernet port of the NUC

If other devices are visible when using the same connecting wire then it sounds like the ROCK isn’t working properly. Do you get the link lights on the NUC ethernet port lighting up?

Yes you have described the condition … the link lights at the NUC are green and yellow. The NUC appears OK if viewed on a TV via HDML as I can access the Setup pages, etc…it appears I have fouled the ROCK software network settings…do I need to reinstall the ROCK software?

Do you have a roon backup?

yes … is there some way to restore without the web portal?

No, I didn’t want to advise a reinstall without a backup available.
It’s up to you, you might want to wait for @support to chip in before a reinstall.

here’s hoping @support will chip in…thanks for your help

If you set a static IP in ROCK, but didn’t reserve the IP address in your router that could be the source of your problems.

I’m a novice in these issues so nevre considered that I needed to reserve the address. How would I proceed at this point?

See, the problem with setting a static IP and then not reserving the IP is that DHCP may try to assign that IP to another device and then all sorts of unexplained things can happen. I don’t know if that’s your problem, but it sounds like it might be.

To reserve an address, you need to log onto your router’s software. If the form of your addresses is 192.168.x.xxxx , then your router software will be at either or

Appears mine is which get me to a web portal…at that point I’m stumped.
Incidentally tried to reinstall the disk image USB stick at boot but the install didn’t proceed to overwrite the existing software, showing the current version…does this imply I need to wipe the internal SSD?
Anyone from support around?

Thanks for your help…did see the Id/password link but have never logged into the router so will need to set it up

Good you’ve never looged in, that means the default id/password is still in effect. The userid is probably ‘admin’ and the pw will be either ‘admin’ or ‘password’.

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Hi @Wdw,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue and I do apologize about the slight delay while your case reached out queue. Reinstalling the ROCK OS should revert your network adapter back to DHCP, I would expect to see the ROCK then show up again on the network.

I’m seeing the issue here though, you mention that your router is on this range:

While you set the ROCK to this range:

Since they are not on the same subnet, communication is not possible anymore as the router effectively can’t reach the ROCK due to two different subnet ranges.

I would remove any of the Ethernet adapters you are using, reinstall the ROCK OS and then check to see if it shows up in the Network Analyzer tool. Once you are able to access the Web UI please let me know.


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Hello Noris,
Thanks for you reply…as noted above I downloaded the ROONBOX.imgfile and flashed it to a USB drive, set boot to USB but it didn’t overwrite the existing software and just reports the current install…what format should the USB drive be? Do I need to reformat the boot SSD to reload the ROCK OS?

Hi @Wdw,

Which set of instructions have you been following for the ROCK OS reinstall? I would suggest taking a look at our Knowledge Base Guide and use the instructions listed there and create the flash drive with etcher as mentioned. I would leave the default setting that etcher assigns after extracting the archive.