Roon Screen resolution problems

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Running Windows 11. Have to click full screen at every startup. Is it possible to avoid this?

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I know this worked in Windows 10:

I have tried to set this up but can’t do it in Win11. My notebook only has 1920x1080 as an option.

I find the path to Roon but not how to add scaling and save it.

Add a shortcut to the desktop and add the scale factor to the command line:
Right click on Roon.exe and then Send to Desktop (create shortcut):

Right click on the shortcut and select properties:

Then add the scalefactor to the end of the Target line.

Adjust the value in the scalefactor command until you get what you want.

Thanks, this works.

The only thing now is that I use scalefactor 3 at 1920x1080 and then the Roon graphics become very large.

I found a solution with a new graphics driver. I can now use 1280x720 with scaling to 2. This works better.

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