Roon Search Overhauled [2022-12] Update

Thank you for the ideas and support. We both have the same “Gieseking”.

I can’t identify the performer either. Under the artist name, “Prefer Roon” is consistently selected.

But as I said, it’s just one example of many.

I can’t and don’t want to spend my time editing ID tags and additionally merging, identifying, editing, searching, filtering, etc. my albums in Roon.

I also understood that Roon does not filter for the ID tags in the search.

In any simple program, by typing a few letters, I can display my local files based on the existing tags.

A promising approach with Roon drifts further and further apart over time.

But maybe I’m the wrong user, with no subscriptions or streaming service and just a local library.

I just want to hear the music I’m looking for.

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We do not. From your screenshot you clearly have a diferent Gieseking. Your Gieseking has no artist art, no biography and no discogrpahy. No amount of editing of your “bad” Walter Gieseking as you are trying to do is going to fix this. You need to delete it and add a “good” version. This happens all the time in roon. Duplicate artists are created which are not necessarily related in any way to the database records and discographies that roon is using internally to build all its links between different database items. In effect these artists are not database “objects” just meaningless strings of text from roon’s perspective that cannot be used to relate to other database items.

By far the easiest thing is to identify the album. I do not know why I can but you cannot. But if you are unable for whatever reason to identify the album then it can all start getting very messy. In this particular case you may have to change your artist edits in 3 different screens in order to get sensible results from roon. In all cases the objective is to deselect the “bad” Walter Gieseking you have and replace it with the “good” version that you will recognise because it has artist art.

  1. Primary Artist Link

three dots (album page) → Edit → Edit Album → Add Primary Artist → “Walter Gieseking”

You will come to this page. Select the Walter Giesking with the artist art

  1. Album Credits

three dots (album page) → Edit → Edit Album → Scroll down → Edit Credits

You will come to this screen. You need to uncheck your bad Walter Gieseking credits and add the ones in roon’s database that you will recognise because of the artist art.

  1. Track Credits

On the main album screen:

Highlight tracks → three dots → edit → edit tracks → remove (your bad credits) → add (roon’s data base credits)


Thank you very much for your effort.

I’ve tried but can’t.

No matter where I look, the “Walter Gieseking” with the artist picture is not offered to me.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that for every unidentified album either.

Very dear thanks.

Strange that you would have so many unidentified albums and artists. That’s not normal. I would open up a separate support ticket as although your configuration issues are probably effecting your search, the purpose of this thread is to identify search issues in working roon configurations.

Finally, a few more examples. Despite annotations in (), the albums are also assigned. I have an infinite number of unidentified albums, with or without (). The ID tags are always processed and stored with the same program according to the same pattern (Mp3Tag).

I will probably (with Roon) have to live with the fact that I don’t always find everything again.

Not sure if this is the case for you, but this happens if no album with the “real” Gieseking is in your library. I see this all the time with indie music.

  1. I import an album and Roon does identify it but it has missing credits.
  2. Then I edit the credits and in the process create an artist playing on the album, because Roon does not find this artist, neither in search or when editing credits.
  3. Roon creates an entry with the name, but like @tripleCrotchet wrote, if a “real” (i.e., having cross-referenced metadata from Roon’s metadata provider) version of this artist is not yet in the library, this is just a text string of the name, with no picture, bio, or any other metadata.
  4. If there is no other work that references this artist, this is where it has to end (you can then pimp it up a bit by adding a picture, birth/death information, whether it is a person or a group, etc., in the artist editor, but you cannot add a bio).
  5. However, sometimes the “real” artist exists, but Roon does not find it if no album containing this credit is yet in the library, which is why it creates the “fake” text string artist. Then you can actually add such an album and suddenly Roon finds two artists by that name, the “real” and the “fake” one.
  6. Now you have two options: Exchange the artist everywhere, like @tripleCrotchet wrote above. Or you can select both artists and merge the fake one into the real one. Then the real one will appear in your credits with much less work, but it is a bit less tidy behind the scenes (there will be a merged artist entry in the library settings)

After being bitten by this much too often, I now go through the list of artists that performed on an album that I am going to import. Then I search for each artist and ensure that a proper entry is found (if the artist already appears on an album in my library). For every artist that is not found, I find an album that references the artist in the credits, and add that to the library. Only after this do I import and edit the album that I really wanted to add. If I edit the credits now, the real artist is found by Roon. (You can then even remove these other albums from the library that you just added so that Roon can find the artist, if you don’t want them. This does not affect the real artist anymore)

It’s frankly a giant pain in the behind and together with “what makes a composition a composition” (@tripleCrotchet knows too well what I mean) is the area in Roon that makes me pray most for improvements

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I tried point 6. It will give me the cover artist from @tripleCrotchet
not offered, otherwise I would have exchanged.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to a solution. But it was just an example. I can’t and don’t want to go through all that effort.

I understand Roon, the logic and the data source. But it doesn’t help me when listening to music. The search or the results are often rubbish. In addition, the tags required for a search have all been edited and actually entered.

I don’t have enough time to search and re-edit my local library just for Roon.

At the end of the day, after work, I just want to listen to music.

The only thing that keeps me with Roon is the multiroom and that I have geared all my devices and infrastructure to it. Otherwise, things have not always gone forward in the last updates and development or some things have only been half thought through.

Just from the simple point of view of an end user and user.

I often find myself doing this. It seems that everyone by trial and error ends up with the same worarounds.

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Yeah had that a few times myself. Thankfully not a lot Most of my more obscure stuff is on vinyl and never made it to streaming or digital release at all in a lot of cases.

Yeah, I recently searched for the artist Nighttime. They were found easy enough, but not their new album. Then I searched the album title and it came up, with the correct artist link (and they are the only band named that). Very strange.