Roon Search Overhauled [2022-12] Update

Bearing in mind that Roon doesn’t supply the metadata itself but accesses it from other providers, is it the 49 track version that you have added? Or a different iteration? I am aware that some versions of remastered/reissued CD’s are restricted by region, could this be what’s happening with you?

It’s a version that I can play via Tidal in Roon where I live. The fact that not one version of the 2017 30th anniversary release appears when identifying the album is a big flaw. This is not a territorial issue.

Easy there my friend, I’m only trying to help. Interestingly, if it is the 49 track version then it is identified as the Super Deluxe version where I am based.

You sure the metadata is correct. Is this ripped from a cd or digital purchase?

I see in Roons metadata sources 11 versions of The Joshua Tree released in 2017, only 5 are labelled as the 30th Anniversary version. There is 2 releases of 4 x cd version super deluxe, 1 x cd regular version, 2x cd version of the deluxe edition and another 2x cd version that doesn’t say it’s deluxe but has with same codes as the deluxe. There are various others that are not referred to as the 30th Anniversary edition these appear to be the digital releases of the the same CDs but named differently.

What does differ is MusicBrainz to almusic seems to have them labelled differently so perhaps this is why Roon is failing. Both the 4x cd versions and 48 track digital do not have super deluxe in the name. Not much Roon can do if there sources of metadata are different other than for them to asks them to change it. This is one for @joel perhaps.

Here they are in MusicBrainz which is used to identify albums

AllMusic which is used for metadata

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The metadata includes the album title (The Joshua Tree (Super Deluxe)), band name (U2), track titles / numbers, artwork, and year of release (1987). This is basic info that should, in theory, be easy to identify. I’ve also used various info details in additional searches with no luck, including “30th anniversary” edition. Roon, in every instance, doesn’t list any anniversary or super deluxe version to compare to. It offers up various “Joshua Tree Collections” with original album artwork, where 46 tracks don’t match.

I appreciate everyone’s input.

Is this the one you are interested in?

This is what Roon is giving me.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for……

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What do you get if you click on the first one on the second page in your screen shot?

I get 10 choices including the 2017 release as the first option… The match is 100% against all 4 CD’s.

That is interesting. I did check all of them. On my side the song titles matched for the 10th version, but as a vinyl release, and doesn’t include indication of which songs are remastered. I see on yours it is for the 1st version as a CD release. My version (which I haven’t been able to have Roon identify), also has the gold tree artwork.

Hi Dean,
My search results are this when using The Joshua Tree

I am in the US

If you got a match on the vinyl version you need to scroll down the list of track matches to see if there are gaps and also miss orderings, track title miss-matches and things like that if you are really looking for a 4CD match. Unfortunately, you cannot assume roon has got it right just because it is not flagging mismatches.

Hi guys
Thought I’d have a looksee to find out if things had changed since I chucked Roon out.
Apparently not.
Will come back to have another look, maybe next year.
Bye all.

So what are you using?

Hi and thx for sharing. I get the proper titles etc as well in Tidal. The issue is Roon not identifying the album in my personal digital library. Cheers.

BubbleUPnP. Search yields better results than Roon pre V2.0.
Not perfect but less frustration for me. SQ is top notch.