Roon Server 1272 on Windows 11, Intermittent High CPU / Memory

Windows 11 22H2, Ryzen 9 5950X, 64 GB memory. Roon Server and Roon are on this same system. Library is 1536 albums, 18.4K tracks.

RoonAppliance.exe will occasionally begin consuming large amounts of memory (25+ GB) and CPU resources, causing the rest of the system to stutter, becoming particularly noticeable when gaming or watching video content. If I stop Roon Server and start it again, the app behaves normally for hours. This condition has been happening about once a day, with light usage of the Roon app.

It’s not the only issue I’ve had with Roon Server 1272, so definitely looking forward to the next release. :slight_smile: I’ve not had any trouble with this server setup with any previous versions.


Hi @Sheb,

Our apologies for the slow response. I found a whole host of internal communications surrounding the thread you shared and your own post.

It seems we have an issue with .NET and there are two potential fixes.

  1. Check your installed version of .NET in your installed programs vs what is listed on the Microsoft site and update it accordingly. There is also a .NET repair tool that can be used.

  2. Follow the instructions you see in the thread you shared to reinstall Roon Server.

Both seem to have fixed the issue for others. We’re currently looking at ways we can prevent this from happening but these are our best recommendations.

I think that in your case, having so much memory has actually kept you from crashing out like others were reporting but it has the same root cause.