Roon Server as Airplay endpoint or control enhancement to support file playback

Has there ever been any talk about making the server a streaming endpoint? Right now anything you can play has to be in the Roon Library accessed by the server and controlled by the control. It would be great to just point any file on my computer at Roon and it gets played on the currently configured output. If the server is completely stateless they this may need interaction with a control or be a function of the control.But ideally it would be great to just point the computer or other apple device at Roon ( kind of a flip of the main model ). I don’t want to always have to add some files I’m listening to on the computer to the Roon library and some of my outputs don’t support airplay but are Roon ready ( like my old raspberry pi ).

I agree, it’s been muted a few times, here is one of my old posts on the subject.

There’s already an existing feature request of this. Not sure Roon actually pay much attention them anymore, but I guess no harm in adding a vote.

Thanks! Glad I’m not the only one bringing this up.

Look at the endpoints extension in tinkering section