Roon Server - Launch at Startup, workaround Windows 10 20H2 and later

Roon Core Machine

OS: Windows 11, version 22H2
Model: NUC 9 Extreme
CPU: i7-9750H

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Not really relevant for this post. See one of my previous post if you really would wanne know. Not much has changed there.

Connected Audio Devices

See comment above.

Number of Tracks in Library

132.500 tracks

Description of Issue

The Launch at startup ain’t working. The account where the Roon Server is running in has to be loge in. For the launch at startup to work. I would like to launch without login needed of a user.

You are asking for Roon Server to run as a service in Windows. I’m afraid that does not appear to be on the roadmap of Roon Labs…

It doesn’t have to, (as far as I know)

I did attempt to start it with task planner. But it gives me a strange error could not find folder. What processes have to run to make the Roon server run?

Other option could be a autologin account. But I thought they ended the support (security risk) I will have a look.

Optional: I did chose to make a secondary account.
Brought back the removed future from netplwiz. Did a reboot
Set up the Netplwiz

Here is how to Get Auto-Login Back
removed with update Windows 10 20H2 and later

@Geoff_Coupe Thanks for the link to the older post.

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