Roon Server not booting Status: Started–>Not Responding–>Error <loop>

same as

I don’t get why you (roon support) did resolve this in private… the technical details of the issue and the fix could have been put out there publicly, sanitized of personal information if there even were any… this is unnecessarily frustrating

I am so sincerely sorry. I did not know that it was my obligation to do that.

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Hi @David_Russell,

it absolutely isn’t! But I would have expected as much from the roon support person who helped you in there. I’m just referencing your thread here because I’ve got the exact same symptoms. I would have posted in your thread, too, but the roon support closed it after resolving the issue with you in private.

Edit: I edited my initial post to clarify this

Hi @luxifer,

I worked with @David_Russell in a private message because it required a bit more advanced troubleshooting technique to resolve the issue, and we do not suggest the technique unless logs confirm that specific issue.

As for the issue on your end, can you please use these instructions to send me a log set from your Roon Core? You can either post on the thread or send them as a private message (click my name here -> message). If you have any issues accessing logs or don’t have any file transfer services, just let me know!

I sent you a link to my log files. I’ve tried starting it again just now and of course it worked! But you’ll also see the countless tries that failed (and didn’t yield any useful logging information either).

I suspect that maybe Roon couldn’t check its license at that time - there was a huge outage at (former) Level3 that brought down CloudFlare among others. Maybe my Roon installation couldn’t reach your license server at that point in time? If you check the license online early on in the Roon boot process, then this could explain it.

If I’m correct, then this is really bad though. Not everyone always has super reliable internet. Please consider implementing something like a grace period, eg. check the license regularly at runtime and just boot if the license check succeeded within the last 30 days or so.

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Hi @luxifer,

I looked over the logs and it looks like Roon was not starting properly, as you have noted.

This issue wasn’t due to the license check, we do have a grace period already in place for that, it just looks like Roon wasn’t starting properly.

I suspect you might have rebooted your Core and the reboot helped Roon perform a clean startup. I’m going to go ahead and close this ticket, but if you into any further issues here, please just let us know and we can re-open this thread, thanks!

Hm, really weird then. I did actually reboot my server before, i.e. that issue came about when I tried to restart my roon core after I’ve rebooted the machine. However, since the last failed start attempt to the now successful one, I haven’t done anything to it!

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Thanks for those additional details @luxifer. If the issue returns, just let us know and we’d be happy to take another look.

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