Roon Server on DietPi?

I have just installed a new server based on Debian Buster.
RoonCore is installed via official script.
I have also installed Roon Extension Manager.
Working great so i will keep it from now.

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Hi @Mikael_Ollars,

It sounds like the proper folders might not be persistent on the DietPi build. I would make sure that all of these folders are set as persistent and that the creators of the image haven’t set up a Deep Freeze kind of capability on the image:

If there are still issues after, can you please request that a DietPi dev reach out directly to us?

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I have just posted your findings on DietPi forum.
Let’s see their answer.

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I am using Dietpi roon server, thanks Dietpi team.

This issue has been solved with latest DietPi v7.8. All existing Roon Server installations are migrated, separating/moving the Roon binaries and assets away from the data directory into a dedicated one /opt/roonserver, where the updater won’t touch any data or settings anymore.