Roon Server on Mac mini not working

I recently switched from Roon Core on my MacBook Pro to Roon Server on a new late-2014 Mac Mini with a 256G SSD. The MM is connected to my NAD M50.2 via Ethernet.
The previous system never worked satisfactorily as the MBP was not connected to the NAD via Ethernet. Hence my purchase of the MM. However, I can’t get the new setup to work at all. For instance, Roon can’t locate the Libeary on the NAD. Control, such as it is, is done by my iPhione 6s.
I intend to run the MM headless when, Roon is operational, but at present, it has monitor, keyboard and mouse attached. I have disabled Roon Core on my MBP, at least I think so.
I suspect (hope) the problem is something pretty rudimentary which I have overlooked. Any ideas? --David

FWIW, I have Roon Core running on an older Mac Mini. Ethernet network. Visible to iphones, ipads, and other Macs. No problems whatsoever.

Thanks for the feedback, Pete. I guess my problem is I don’t have an ethernet set up, just Wifi, to the part of the house where the Mac mini resides… Looks like I’ll have to get another router for the downstairs. - This whole Roon undertaking has been a real educational experience for this noob! -David

Hey @Pete_Wilson, thanks for sharing your report!

As you mentioned above, it’s definitely worth looking into using a wired connection for your Core machine. Using a wired connection for your Core is always advised.

That being said, is the only issue you’re seeing here the connection between the NAD library and the Mac Mini Core?

However, I can’t get the new setup to work at all. For instance, Roon can’t locate the Libeary on the NAD.

Can you expand on the above for me? What is happening when you try to add the watched folders in Roon? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re trying to add? Are you able to access the media outside of Roon on the Mac Mini?


Not sure that’s absolutely needed, but the general idea is to have wire from your core (MM) to your endpoint. Controls can be wireless

Hi Dylan,
The monitor connected to the Mac mini has the Roon icon on its desktop. When I click on the icon, nothing happens, so I can’t get into Roon to add watched folders via that route. My iPhone 6s, which I hope to use as control, at least recognizes the MM as the core device, but “Storage” in Settings doesn’t show my NAD, which is where by Library resides. I took three screenshots using the iPhone which I would like to share with you. Unfortunately, I can’t paste them into this message in a decipherable form. Would it be ok if I emailed them to you?
“Are you able to access the media outside of Roon on the Mac Mini?”
I am not able to access the media on the NAD on the MM using Finder, nor does Airport Utility recognize the MM.
Question: Does the ethernet connection between MM and NAD have to be part of an actual wired network? Thanks, --David


Sent from my iPhone. --David

I meant Airport Utility doesn’t recognize the NAD, not the MM. -David


To make things a bit easier and take some variables out of the equation. Why dont you try the following on the Mac Mini.

  1. Go to Preferences>security and privacy>firewall. On the bottom left click on the lock, enter your password. Then go back up Turn Firewall Off.

  2. Also, you may want to go to Preferences> Sharing. Turn on file sharing, remote login, and remote management. Under these 3 items drill down and enable all the option settings. Make sure admin and you are given all privilages.

You will then be able to remote in from your MBP to the MM and make additional changes without having to run back to the MM.

You can go then to Finder on your MBP and select the MM under Shared

Thanks for the update, @David_Waring.

It sounds here like you may have installed RoonServer, not Roon. RoonServer does not have any of the UI elements of Roon and can only be accessed via a remote. If you use your MacBook Pro as a remote device and connect to this Core you should be able to see the storage settings. Alternatively you can install Roon on the MM instead and use the UI elements there.

The easiest option here is to have everything connected to the router (with an Ethernet connection for optimal performance). There are some options out there that may allow you to use the NAD connected directly to the MM, but this may require some advance setup.

The best next step may be to temporarily move your MM and NAD to the router and connect them to it via Ethernet. While this may not be something you can do long term, you can at least get things set up this way and verify that this was in fact the issue.

I would also recommend you check out our networking guide for some information on setting up your network. Note that it does not have details on setting up your NAD to connect directly to your MM, but there is definitely some good info there you may find useful.


Thanks Gary. Will do. -David

Hi Dylan,
I followed Gary’s suggestions above. I’m holding off on yours for the time being while I mull over whether I want to proceed any further with Roon. Reading the networking guide, particularly regarding the inadvisability of using my Airport Extreme makes me want to admit defeat. I need a break from the trouble shooting. -David

Thanks for the update, @David_Waring .

If you do decide to do the test let me know how it goes. And, as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything.



Ok dont give up!! You just need to start to focus 1st on some networking skills.

So, I probably have a very similar system as you do. I have an Apple Airport Extreme, a MM as the Core/server, and control it via an Apple Air laptop and iphone

I just disconnected my MM from ethernet and connected via Wi-Fi of the Airport. Works Like a champ.

It sounds like you need to get all your devices connected to the same network or wifi. I think you said you have a NAD 50.2? Its wifi capable so get that on the same wifi as the MM and all the other components.

To help you trouble shoot you can download LanScan for free from the app store and see if all your components have an IP and are connected.

Also Dr. Wifi is a free app for you iphone that will be able to tell you your signal strength while your next to your NAD and MM. (-45 dbm would be super high signal. -90 dbm on your on the edge). You can also use this app to see what your speed is from the NAD location back to your server.

Let me know if you need more help.


Hi Gary,
Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement! I will tackle your suggestions this weekend.

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Thanks for giving @Gary_Sabath’s great suggestions a go, @David_Waring!

I know the troubleshooting process can be frustrating, but if you have any questions know that we are here to help! Just reach out if you need anything.


Thanks, Dylan. I’ll be getting my 2nd wind this weekend. --David

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If you can’t see your NAD in the Finder you may need to find out what network protocol it’s using. Roon will need the NAD to connect to the Mac Mini via smb, NOT afp. When connected it should show up like a folder in the Mac. When that happens you can “Get Info” on the folder and paste the address into the Network Folder dialog in Roon. Make sure you have “Connected Servers” set to show up in the Finder. There is an option that needs to be enabled in the File Sharing panel for the Roon to be able to add the music in the NAD but I can´t get to my Mac right now, will follow up with the name and how to enable in a couple of hours. I’m using my Airport Express units as endpoints (for optical/stereo out) and it’s workable. Don’t give up. I’ll be back when I can get to my computer and tell you how to enable the option.

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Back as promised. I couldn’t get Roon to open a remote folder until I did this: System Preferences -> Sharing -> File Sharing -> Options; make sure “Share files and folders using SMB” is checked and also enable “Windows File Sharing” for your account. Soon just would not open the folder until I enabled the last setting. Hope this helps!
Roon Storage will not show your NAD even if it is properly configured, it will only show folders and drives on the computer it is running on (the Mac Mini in your case). Once the NAD shared folder is on your desktop Get Info on it and copy the address shown after “Where”, it should start with smb:// then paste it in the dialog that opens when you add a network folder in Room Storage settings.

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Hi Jose,
Thanks for your feedback. Looks like a busy weekend! -David

Another thing - check your firmware. I looked up your NAD and it’s supposed to be a Roon Ready device (as long as the BluOS is above 2.10.0):