Roon Server on Win 10 (1903) is looping through status: Started, Running, Error, Started, etc

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win 10 Pro machine running Roon Server for many months, have re-installed current Roon Server a few times with no change (uncertain of version since unable to connect). Win 10 is up to date as of today.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Full Ethernet, but some symptoms show on Roon Server machine itself, no network involved - that is, Roon server status on right click of icon in notification area cycles through Started, Running, Error (and, presumably secondarily, Roon apps on any other device/machine are connected, disconnected, reconnected, etc.).

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

BlueSound Node 2 and also an Apple Airport Express, but it’s currently not possible to start the Roon app to any meaningful degree to see what is actually connected.

Description Of Issue

As above, server is cycling through starting and errors, unable to connect for more than a few seconds from any app. Config has run on these machines for many months. Was away from the network for some time and finding this problem on return.

Should I attempt to remove the couple of output/network devices from the network and then retry? Other suggestions?

Thank you!

Win 10 1903 is running fine on my pc , it updated late last week, it would seem to be compatible

Have you deinstalled/reinstalled roon since the issue?

One of the Roon support guys will be along in due course and will no doubt get you send logs via dropbox or direct upload to them.

Hi @Kurt_Riegel,

Can you confirm where your music library is stored? How large is your library?

If your library is stored somewhere besides the Core machine (NAS, USB drive) is there any change if you disconnect the library from the Core?

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One other suggestion.
Before re-installing Roon, remove Roon completely - program & database - in Windows.
Then, make sure there are no Roon leftovers in the Windows Registry - I use the free version of Ccleaner hereto.
And if you want to feel 100% sure, download Roon again at ( More tab)
I hope you can get it sorted out.
P.s. Roon is working fine with me on windows 10 pro build 1903.

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Reinstalled, yes, but did not do a full uninstall first - will give that a try.

Following an uninstall and re-install, things seem ok. After then restoring a backup (tried restore from a couple of different backups), the problem resumes.

Suggestions or next steps?

Is that just a roon library restore?

Hmm… not sure. I’m not seeing more than one way to restore a backup - Settings, Backups, Find Backups, Browse, etc… No mention of the scope of the backup (that I’m seeing?).

Just checking you were only restoring from roon and not some other backup. It sounds you have a library corruption if the restored database is causing the same problem. If support think the same thing they may ask you to send them a copy. @dylan

Sounds right. Thank you!

At this point I’m afraid I may need to rebuild the library from scratch. Restore of any backups tried so far leads to the Roon server going into a started/running/error loop.

I’d wait for support to come along. They *may *have internal tools to rescue the backup.

Hi @Kurt_Riegel,

Can you please upload a set of logs from your RoonServer instance by using these instructions? The best way to get them over to us would be via a shared Dropbox / Google Drive / link. Note: If you have both Roon and RoonServer on the same machine, please select the logs folder from RoonServer.

All set to send this info.

Possibly silly question: any reason I would not want to publish the shared Dropbox link to this forum?

Hi @Kurt_Riegel,

You can feel free to either post it here or to send it directly to me via a Private Message (click my name -> message). The logs do contain your email address, names of zones and information regarding which tracks you played, so if you would rather keep this private and not post it publicly please send it over to me via a private message for analysis. Thanks!

Done. Thank you!

Hi @Kurt_Riegel,

Thanks for sending those logs over. I took a look through them and I’m not seeing any error messages, I assume that you have started Roon fresh and are not experiencing the issue now? Do you mind restoring from your backup and sending me the log set after doing so? Thanks!

Strange. I did restore a backup and watched a few error cycles on the server before zipping the first set of logs, but who knows, there may have been some problem. Will send a second set that ran a bit longer and had a client attempting to connect…