Roon Server Software restarts constantly after restarting ROCK

Roon Core Machine

Roon (ROCK) running on an Intel NUC (BXNUC10i5FNHN2)
CPU: Intel i5-10210U
System storage: 250GB M.2 SSD
Internal Storage: 2TB SATA SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ROCK hardwired to a FRITZ!Box 7590

Connected Audio Devices

External DAC connected via USB to a Raspberry 4 running RoPieee

Number of Tracks in Library

ca. 22800 tracks

Description of Issue

First: I do not run the ROCK 24/7, I just turn it on if I need it and shut it down if I don’t.

For a few months I’m fighting with restarts of the Roon Server Software after booting the ROCK.
This occures when the NUC is off for more than 5-30mins.

You could access the “web interface” via IP-address in the browser and your able to access the folderstructure in Windows Explorer during the problematic situation.
And you could also see in the “web interface” (maybe the wrong term) the “Roon Server Software” constantly rebooting after about 7 seconds.

I did a reinstall of the operating software twice without any improvement.
Everytime the problem appears I have to do a reset of the “Roon Database & Settings”.
To eliminate the impact of an corrupted backup I started after this process without one.

Also if I’m trying to reset the Database and Settings I have to do it twice. The first time this error appears: “Settings and databses could not be reset. Please try again, or contact support. {“status”:“Failure”,“exitcode”:2}”.
The second time is always successfull.

Is there any solution beside running the ROCK the whole year?
I do really appreciate an answer :slight_smile:

So, is there no one who could help me?
It’s a bit disappointing for paying a lifetime subscription and it’s not working properly.

To me, from a distance, it looks like two instances are running at the same time for that account, shooting each other down in the launch phase until the faster one wins and won’t let the second one launch. Are there any system logs that verify this or give other clues?

I’ve saved the logs from the last time this happened, today.
But I don’t know how to interpret them.

Are you able to read and understand them?

Hmmm, is there another posibility to get in touch with the support?

Hi Niko support only work Monday to Friday and sometimes take a few days to pick up a ticket, depending on the other tickets they are working on.

Having Rock server auto restart can sometimes be an issue with memory or disk space or heat management.
Might be worth checking your fans etc.
Have you also plugged a screen in to the Nuc and seen what happens when this happens.
I built a new Nuc at the start of this year and had terrible reliability issues and ended up swapping the M.2 drive out as it was having issues and causing instabilities like Lockups and random reboot. Swapped the drive out and got an Akasa silent case to better manage the thermals and not a single reboot since then

When you shut Roon down do you use the Web interface to make sure it is powered down cleanly and also do you have clean and regular power to the Roon NUC

That might not be anything to do with your issues, but worth thinking about?

Hello Michael, thanks for your reply!

I don’t think diskspace is an issue here. The system storage is way bigger than necessary and internal storage is not even half occupied.

I will check the fan’s but the unit is just a few months old. So far the fans seemed to work normal, they are quiet in idle mode and they run up if needed for example when analysing new songs.

Yes I had plugged in a screen but there was no change to if it runs normally.

I hope it’s not an memmory issue due to the unit and all it’s components are nearly new, but it’s always possible.

It happens both if I shut down using the web interface and pushing the button in the front of the NUC.

I had the NUC in two different spots with two different phases (is it called like that in english?) plugged in so I have a power problem in the whole house if that’s the case.

Every approach to solve the problem is highly appreciated, so many thanks for you’re ideas!!!

Hi Niko sorry not disk space, but disk issue’s.
I built a brand new Nuc that was doing something similar to yours early in 2021, random lockups and reboots.
It was a 10th Gen i5 Nuc and I could not for the life of me work out what the problem was. Turns out it was a dud of a M.2 boot disk.

I had a feeling at the time that it was getting too hot and overheating when Roon was running. If Roon wasn’t playing music at at while testing then it was reliable. Ended up ordering a replacement and problem solved.
It might be worth checking out the BIOS performance settings and making sure that it is set to thermally regulate to stop the heat buildup.

It might also be worth downloading some benchmark diagnostic tool that you can boot into and stress test the machine as that might end up having the same problems

Rock itself is rock solid and mine generally runs for months without issue, even if I have to restart Roon inside Rock every now and then.

Niko good to see you in our Metal thread as well :+1:

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Hey @Niko_T,

It has taken us too long to reply to this thread and we’re deeply sorry. I hope you can accept our sincere apologies for the delay :pensive:

It’s been a while since this thread was active and I wanted to get in touch and see if your ROCK keeps restarting? Has anything changed?

Hey @beka,
thanks for your replay.

Just one thing has changed. I’m running the ROCK all day long without restarting. But in the rare case I do a restart, the behaviour is the same. So no restart without reseting the database and restoring a backup.

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Is there a particular reason why you’d like to turn off your ROCK? It was intentionally designed to be on 24/7.

Yes there was one, first I turned it on just in the case I needed it. Now, there’s another user in my network using roon, so there’s no need to shut it down every day.

But that’s not the case. There are some situations, where I do have to do some restarts. E.g. I’m planing to do some tests with the location of the ROCK and without a propper method to shut down and turn it on easily this turns out to be really annoying.
Also there are many reasons to do a restart, not frequently but from time to time. And if that’s not really possible it’s just dirsturbing. I’m praying every day that I don’t have to do a restart.

Hey @Niko_T,

Thanks for the quick reply — we couldn’t agree more that there are a myriad of reasons to restart a Roon Core. And we want for that to work.

I wonder if, next time this happens, you could share a timestamp with us (the local date and time when the Core starts restarting constantly) and grab a set of logs right after? You can upload them in our drive here.

Would you please let us know once the logs are uploaded? Unfortunately, we’re not notified of uploads.

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Hey @beka,

Thanks for this opportunity. I’ve uploaded the logs right now. The timestamp is in an .txt file (hopefully appropriate).
If you need more information or something is missing please contact me.

If needed I could do another restart and grab new informations.

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Thanks a whole lot, @Niko_T!

We got the logs and I’ve passed them on to our technical team. I’ll follow up as soon as I hear back.

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Hello @Niko_T ,

Thank you for your patience here while we’ve had a chance to review logs. It looks like Roon is hanging up on scanning an image file.

Can you please try to move (do not delete), the following image to somewhere Roon is not scanning and see if that helps with the reboots?

/InternalStorage/Easy Rider/Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack - Easy Rider WAV/EasyRiderSoundtrack.jpg

Let us know, thank you!


Hey @noris ,
thank you for your reply. Well it was indeed an broken image. After moving the file to another place it seems to work. But I’ve got not really time to test it further.

I will give you more detailed feedback as soon I’ve got some sparetime to test it.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @Niko_T ,

Glad to hear that resolved the issue! If you still have the image file, can you please upload it here so that I can forward it to QA (to hopefully prevent this kind of issue in the future)?

Thanks and take care!

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Hey @noris,
I’ve just uploaded the broken image.

Thank’s for all

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