Roon Server stops playback

No worries. Had no idea I needed to add a specific tag to alert you. Anyway, Thanks for responding. I’ve had it stop playing to one zone only. I’m using DietPi across the board, all with HiFiBerry DACs. Maybe there’s something there? Anyway, see attached. This is a podcast, so let me know if you want to see this with Tidal, local FLAC, etc.

@support - any updates?

@support - this is still occurring as of 8:10AM EST.

Hey @pratt733,

Thanks so much for following up on this and sorry for missing out on your replies. While Dylan is out of office, I’m liaising with another one of our technicians. We’d love to help as soon as possible, but it is very likely that we’ll hear back on Monday only, as support is closed over the weekend.

Thanks and that’s fine. Just wanted to make sure this didn’t get lost in the shuffle. Have a great weekend!

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Hi @pratt733

Sorry for the delay here — As Rebeka mentioned I’ve been out of the office but I’m working to get back to everyone ASAP!

Moving forward, I’d like to run some diagnostics on your account so we can take a closer look at what’s happening. Can you provide a couple of examples of stoppages, specifically to only one zone (not grouped, it helps us narrow down what’s happening by focusing on the one zone) ?

Please provide the following for each example:

  • The time it happens
  • The track name

I’ll run diagnostics and take a look at those examples. Thanks!

Thank you. I’ve been playing to one zone exclusively and, wouldn’t you know it, it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Any tests I can perform to see if any of my switches are bad? I’d prefer to not just start buying equipment. Does this seem like a radio is dropping off the network and reconnecting? That can sometimes (not always) stop playback.

Stopped. I was out for about 20 mins and left it playing, so I don’t know exactly when it stopped, but I noticed at 7:30PM. Track name was Se A Cabo by Santana.

Hi @support - any updates?

Hello @pratt733,

Thanks for following up on this thread. We appreciate your efforts.

I’m notifying our technical team, but, I was wondering, has playback stopped again since Se A Cabo by Santana 9 days ago?

Yes, but only when grouped and you didn’t ask me to record that information. It just stopped at 7:35AM.

Thanks @pratt733. That’s really good to know. We’ll follow up with updates as soon as possible :nerd_face:

Hi @support. Any updates?

Hi @pratt733

Sorry for the delay here. I looked into this a bit and, unfortunately, I’m having a hard time getting good information from the diagnostics report. The report is filled with errors like this:

08/04 12:41:10 Error: [cast/client] [Google-Cast-Group-51d0b2f656ba458daf2fa44ea329916c._googlecast._tcp.local] Failed connect to port 42490

I spoke with the QA team, and what these traces tell us is that you have Chromecast devices on the network that are constantly failing to connect properly. This isn’t the cause of the problems you’re seeing, but it’s likely related, as these traces typically indicate underlying network problems.

From your testing, we know that playback to single zones isn’t failing at nearly the same rate as grouped zones. You’ve still only had single-zone playback stop once, correct? What this likely means is that your network is typically able to handle the bandwidth required for a single zone, but when you add multiple, it’s not able to keep up.

It’s also possible that certain zones are having more problems than others — When grouped, if one zone is failing, the others will stop too. Have you tried playing to them all individually? Or tried different combinations of groupings? If a certain Zone can be identified as having a poor connection, that could explain why the grouped playback is failing so often.

Thanks @support. I have tried different combinations and have experienced the stopping in all of them, but that only includes combinations of nearby rooms. I can try random combinations and report.

Most importantly, are there diagnostics I can run to more closely pinpoint a device with a poor connection? I have experienced this with a group of wired endpoints, so I don’t think wifi is the culprit.

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Hi @support, before I cancel my membership, as I’ve been waiting for some sort of actual help for a couple of months now, has there been any progress? I’m afraid “it’s your network” isn’t really helpful, as I’m having no other issues with any of the other software I’m running on my network, in general and on my Raspberry Pis/music server, specifically.

Hi @pratt733

Thanks for your patience over the weekend!

The best way to do this would be to do some testing of individual zones, and grouped zones, and make note of what zones/groups work and what don’t. If certain devices can be identified as a problem in this way, that would be the most helpful troubleshooting method.

As far as diagnostics go, Roon logs are the most helpful resource typically, but Roon logs are only able to tell what’s happening on the Roon side of things. We can see that Roon is encountering network errors, but we don’t have insight into what’s happening on these individual devices.

Thanks @support. I’ve tried that and couldn’t discern any sort of pattern, but I’ll try again. Will take much longer to reproduce, as the issue is much more frequent for larger groups of rooms.

I have resolved the Cast Group issue as of this morning, by clearing all Cast Groups from my Google account.

I have also hard-wired all but one radio.