Streaming issues and slowness

Having streaming issues as well, taking longer than usual to load a song, my internet is fine 325 mbs download, this is on Roon iOS app, quit Roon app go to Qobuz app flawless no issues.

Hey @Michael_Kelley1,

Thanks for choosing to let us know right away. We’d love to help get to the bottom of this and have you focus on enjoying the music instead :nerd_face:

Could you please share with us the details below? They’ll help us better understand your system and what might cause this issue:

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello Rebeka, reading more on my issue, Using a IMac as my Roon Core, I leave it on 24/7, So I just did a shutdown and restart everything working fine now👍

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Hey @Michael_Kelley1,

Thanks for taking a moment to share what worked. We’re enjoying your victory :partying_face: and our community will for sure find it helpful.