Roon Server, Ubuntu, super high CPU usage, no access to Roon

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Intel NUC6i5SYK / xUbuntu 19.10 / Roon 1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
TP Link Deco M4, server via Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description of Issue
Roon Server fails to remain stable - constant circle “ready-last seen 13 seconds ago - connecting”.

My Intel NUC goes spinning fan like crazy, extreme high CPU:

Total disaster: came back home after serious hand surgery hoping to relax with music - and this happens.

Already did some things:

  • restarted Roon Server - software and hardware
  • reinstalled Roon Server
  • restarted TP Link devices

Please help.

Can you share a little more information about your setup? I’m confused because the NUC you mention only has two cores yet htop* shows 4. Also, I understood that the Deep Harmony extension only runs in a Docker image (and I see no other processes running.)

That said, you’re not maxing out on CPU at <50% and hardly any memory is allocated which seems a little odd.

The error–last seen n seconds ago–relates to Roon controllers not finding Core, which often means a network issue.


*I guess it could be that the NUC has two logical cores per physical core but clarification would be useful.

Also, what’s the output of sudo systemctl status roonserver?


Watching the results of this thread as I am having the same issues. I’m running on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, 4.15.0-66-generic

I moved to another NUC (my work station) and stopped Roon on my xUbuntu server (spinning fan was unbarable).

Hello @support, anyone can lend a hand?
Maybe this is the same issue?

Hi @Sebastian_Ptak,

Is the xUbuntu server a new install or an existing one? Have you been running this as a Core machine for some time and the issue only recently started? How have you installed RoonServer, can you confirm you used our Linux Install Instructions, and installed the required dependencies?

Hi @noris, I’m neither newbie nor expert in Linux but:

  • it was existing installation. Build 416 changed everything (no other change was made)
  • Windows installation is fine (I moved my licence)
  • Fresh Kubuntu and backup restore - same results: high CPU, some kind of “watchdogport” service gives 100% CPU usage
  • I always follow KB instructions :slight_smile:

Now I try totally fresh installation on Ubuntu 18.04 (unity desktop). Fresh install, fresh database, no extensions. I will update soon.

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16 hours later…
Fresh Ubuntu, backup restored - still high CPU usage, fan goes crazy, Roon core loses connection with endpoints.
Once again - the only one thing has changed is new version of Roon server (build 416).
@support - I’ve lost last two days to resolve this issue. This is probably some kind of bug in last roon version.

EDIT: I restored from different backup points - same behaviour

Hi @Sebastian_Ptak,

If you disconnect your Core from the network and run Roon in offline mode, does the high CPU usage still remain? Also, can I please request that you share a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions?

hi @noris
Spent 3 days on this issue, installed 3 Linux distros and restored database on each using Roon’s “restore backup function”. This night I installed xUbuntu again and decided to check with fresh Roon database. So far everything’s fine,I set background analysis to 1 core.
The downside is that I lost all my tweaks to metadata, history, radio choices etc.
I can restore backup to perform your test but I hesitate to do that.

EDIT: ok, development is all about solving problems and moving forward, right? I sent you PM with links.

What’s interesting: Once again I restored backup dated before crashes started. Of course all the problems started all over again (high CPU usage, lost connection to Core). I unplugged ethernet cable and suddenly CPU usage dropped to 10-15%.

Hi @Sebastian_Ptak,

Thanks for sending those logs via PM. I took a look through them and I’m not noticing anything in particular jump out at me, except for a few NameResolutionFailures, but those are to be expected if there was no internet.

If you try disabling your storage locations after the backup was restored, does the same behavior occur? When you started fresh, did you add your NAS storage locations to Roon?

Are you by any chance on a corporate network of sorts or running a VPN to one? Is the router firmware up-to-date?

Hi @noris

  1. My server is Intel NUC, with local storage (4TB, USB 3.0). So it’s not network related :sunglasses: when I start fresh - this is still the same 4TB USB 3.0 HDD. In both scenarios Roon Server doesn’t connect to storage via network interface. In this case it’s no point in detaching USB hard drive, right?
  2. No, it’s private network, no VPN. Router is definitely up-to-date.

Fresh database works great. But I’ve lost so many tweaks… I really count on some solution of my situation. This situation is very, very strange because no changes was made either to equipment or to OS/software.

This „no internet” trace you have mentioned - it’s very strange. Does backup carry any network related data (except storage location)? IP address or host name of my Intel NUC didn’t change. Is there, by any chance, possibility to extract this info from database?

Hi @Sebastian_Ptak,

Thank you for confirming the above information. I brought your report to our technical team earlier today and I have some additional feedback for you here:

Even if Roon is not connecting to the USB drive via the network, this could be a source of the issue. I would try temporarily disabling this storage location with your backup restored to see if the same behavior occurs.

The “no internet” trace I was referring to was regarding Roon updating metadata for albums in the background. It is normal to see metadata update failures when there is no active network, but we also looked through some of your older log files and it appears that NameResolutionErrors are still intermittently visible there, you may want to try changing your router’s DNS server to Google ( or Cloudflare ( to see if it helps with these kinds of errors, but I do not suspect this to be the primary reason for the issues you are seeing.

Just to confirm here - after you moved your installation to the Windows machine, did you restore the backup or was this only with a fresh database. I would be interested to know if the same issues started popping up if you restored the backup to the Windows Core when you performed this test. You don’t have to go ahead and do this, but it was more of a curiosity for an additional data point.

Since this issue appears to start only after restoring the backup, I would kindly request for you to archive this backup and send it over to us for further analysis. If you can send it via Dropbox / Google Drive / your preferred file transfer service that would probably work best.

Can you take a look at the above remarks and let me know your thoughts when possible?

Hi @noris
Right now I’m in my second home in the woods :sunglasses:
Steps 1,2 and 4 I’ll perform after I get back to the city. But I can answer the 3rd question. Situation I described concerned fresh database. I performed test with restored database as well. Roon crashed every few minutes. So definitely there should be something in backup data.

Before I perform all the tasks you asked me for, is it possible to restore only library data, not settings etc.?

BTW: This situation leads me toward decision to move my Roon Server to ROCK. Frankly speaking the only thing that holds me back is no support for extensions (I use Deep Harmony for Logitech remote control).

Hi @Sebastian_Ptak,

Thank you for confirming that the behavior occured on Windows as well.

No, it is unfortunately not possible. When you restore a backup it restores Roon to the point of the snapshot with everything. If you can send the backup to me though, I can request QA takes a look at it and tries to restore on their end.

I haven’t used this extension before, but the Github page seems to indicate that this can you can host Deep Harmony on a Rasberry Pi?

I have backup using Roon’s embeded solution and entire „Roon server” folder as well. Can I use subfolder database only?

Hi @Sebastian_Ptak,

Can you please archive the Roon-created backup folder into one .zip file and send that over?

Hi @noris, just sent you Dropbox link.
Next step - restore old backup and detach USB storage.

Hi @noris
Just restored old backup and unplugged my USB storage drive. Unfortunatelly that didn’t help. CPU usage is still very, very high and after a minute I totally lose connection to the Core. CPU temperature rises very quickly above 80 degrees (Celsius).

I am having the same issue, would love to have a solution since I cannot use Roon at this time.