Roon service holding on to B&W Soundbar too long

Roon service holding on to B&W Soundbar too long.

I have a Bowers & Wilkins Formation Soundbar connected to a TV for TV audio and a Roon Nucleus for music casting. Normally the soundbar automatically senses audio input and switches to the external input for TV audio. This works instantly when connecting and disconnecting other input sources like Airplay but not with the Roon Nucleus. When casting with Roon you can stop the cast but the soundbar stays with the Roon for 10 minutes before the cast actually disconnects letting the soundbar default back to the external input. I’ve timed it multiple times with the TV on and it’s consistently 10 minutes before the soundbar switches back to TV audio. Right now if I am listening to Roon and want to switch to TV audio right away I need to use the B&W app and manually disconnect the Roon. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to change this disconnect timer (most likely a back end process). Is there anything that can be done to shorten the disconnect timer or auto disconnect when stopping playback?

Sounds all likewise to my ears:

Yes, could be indeed, as my Roon Core is using macOS CoreAudio device.
Good catch! Thank you so much.

EDIT: but why would it only happen with certain radio streams, and not others? …

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