Roon Skipping tracks when using HQPlayer Desktop 4

Roon Core Machine

Latest Roon on Mac mini M1 Monterey 12.2.1 16Gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xyxel 10G switch linked to Sky hub

Connected Audio Devices

CalDigit usb C providing port expansion

Number of Tracks in Library

130,000 albums

Description of Issue

When I playback music with either just Roon or just HQPlayer - no issue. but combined I get a problem. Have spoken with HQP designer and had confirmation my settings are fine.
Issue: I select an album and want to play all (or playlist) Roon lines up the track I see the animation of dancing bars for a split second then without any sound Roon moves to the next track. If I re-click on track 1 it will play, some times several tracks are skipped in a row…settling at random to play one further down the list. Seems to be a delay of about 2 secs like it can’t sync to my Denefrips usb dac - but nothing in the HQP log to bear this out. Usually for 16bit or mp3 there is no problem…just on high res and especially when playing different sample rates across tracks. So…can you assist to trouble shoot?

Anyone else have tracks skip

You might take a look at this… I think your issue is the one which is requiring the upcoming changes.

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