Roon skips all songs and won't play [Solved - Driver issue, solved by enabling advanced setting on device that misreport capabilities]


Roon 1.4, build 310 64 bit
Windows 10 64 bit
iBuyPower Gaming PC
24 GB of RAM
Intel Core i7 6700 @ 3.4GHz
Music stored on my D:\ drive (hard drive), 292 GB used out of 1 TB
About 18K tracks in my collection.

The only audio zone Roon will play on is my main computer speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio).
Any other zone (Logitech USB gaming headphones, System Output) just cause Roon to quickly iterate through all tracks in the playlist and doesn’t actually play them, just skips through them.

I’ve restarted Roon, I’ve restarted the whole PC, I’ve disconnected and reconnected my USB headphones, to no avail. This setup used to work when I first got Roon about a month ago. Sometime in the last week or two it stopped working.

Are both the system output and your headphones USB? If so, looks like a problem with the USB drivers.

When I hook up my Sennheiser USB headphones they show up as a zone in Roon that I can enable and then play to that zone, I can also select them as the default output (or what you called “system output” maybe?) in windows. Might check ther various settings and see if any of them work.

But if not like Chris said it could be a driver issue, might try uninstalling the drivers and re-installing.

To remove the USB issue from contention, I’ve disconnected my USB headphones and have connected headphones that use the normal headphone out (analog 3.5mm) port. Through the “System Out” audio zone, I still cannot get them to play (skips all songs).

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Actually, now the audio to the analog headphones just goes through my “main output (Realtek)”. Still nothing through System output

Did Windows updated to the latest Major April (1803) update? I believe there were some problems with headphones and mics.

Hello @Roman_Pacheco1 , thanks for contacting support, the feedback is always appreciated!

In order to get a better idea of what’s going wrong here, can you please confirm the following for me:

  • Is Music playing correctly when you’re not using the Roon app? Ex. If you try playing a song through iTunes/VLC does the music play through the USB headphones fine?

  • Can you please try using “Exclusive Mode” enabled on playback settings for the affected device to see if that works? You can find this setting by navigating to Settings -> Audio -> Pressing the settings cogwheel next to the affected device -> Device Setup -> Playback -> Use Exclusive Mode

  • Please verify if the mentioned Windows 10 computer has any active firewalls or antivirus application currently running on it. If you do indeed have any, please temporarily disable these functions and verify how your setup performs after doing so.

Please let me know if any of the above troubleshooting steps resolves this issue!

Thank You,

Hi there:

Yes, music plays correctly via iTunes on my USB headphones.
Using Exclusive mode does not resolve my issue.
I’ve turned off antivirus and Windows Defender firewall. Still no resolution. The only “firewall” that remains is that which is built into my router, but it’s been there from the start and I used to be able to get Roon to play just fine through these headphones.

Hello @Roman_Pacheco1,

Sorry about the slight delay in getting back to you. Can you please try to uninstall your Realtek driver through Device Manager and see if that solves the issue? We have had reports from users saying that after uninstalling the drivers, sound works again link #1, link #2. After you have uninstalled the driver please check again if sound is working. If it is now working you can then try updating to the newest ones from the Realtek site and see if it still works (Manufacturer sites don’t always have the newest drivers). A guide to uninstalling drivers can be found here link (though in your case it wouldn’t be the drivers for a mouse but for the Realtek audio device). Can you let me know if that solves the issue?


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, @noris, but I finally got around to uninstalling the Realtek Drivers. Unfortunately, that did not solve my issue.

Hello @Roman_Pacheco1,

Sorry to hear that reinstalling drivers did not solve the issue you are facing. I want to ask you to perform a RAATServer refresh to see if that can trigger the skips to disappear. To perform this action please take the following steps:

• First, please close out of the Roon application if it is running
• Then open Windows File Explorer and type this in the header address to navigate to your Roon folder:
• That %localappdata% should automatically translate to an address similar to YOUR_USER_NAME > AppData > Local
• In that folder, find the current RAATServer folder and rename that RAATServer folder to “RAATServer_Old”
• Restart the Roon App and configure the new install
• Leave this configuration in place and see if Roon is still having problems with the USB device

I’m hoping that this fresh RAATServer will allow the discovery of the USB device but if this fix doesn’t solve the issue at hand, please just let me know and we can take a closer look at what could be going wrong here.


Thanks. I set up the fresh RAATServer just as you instructed.

Still no resolution to the issue.

Hello @Roman_Pacheco1,

Can you confirm that you have tried installing the newest Realtek drivers as well? Drivers can be found here, just please make sure to select the correct drivers for your device. After you have installed the newest drivers, please give that USB device another try and if it is still failing then mark down the exact local time in your country that playback fails (ex 11:32AM). I have enabled diagnostics mode on your account and what that will do is automatically send to our servers any error/crash reports you experience, if you can let me know the exact time it fails playback I can cross-reference the times received from the logs and hopefully it can point us towards what’s going wrong here. Please let me know when you have a chance.


@noris: Thanks for the quick follow up.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Realtek drivers. I used the link you provided (even though I’d already done that last night as well, but just in case) and installed the R2.82 drivers since I have 64-bit Windows 10. I rebooted after uninstalling the old drivers (just as the install wizard instructed), installed the latest drivers, and then rebooted once more. Afterwards, I reopened Roon and attempted to play via both the USB headphone device as well as my Realtek System Output device. Both fail in the same way as described above. Failure time is 11:05 AM local time.

Hello @Roman_Pacheco1,

Thanks for your reply and providing time-stamps. We have successfully received the logs from you and I will be submitting a ticket with out QA team to see if they can identify anything wrong. Please note that this process may take some time while it reaches their review queue, if you would like to try some other things to get it working for this weekend I would recommend trying to install Roon Core or Roon Bridge on another Computer (at least temporarily) to see if that solves the USB driver issue. I appreciate your patience here while we attempt to identify what could be going wrong.


Thanks, I eagerly await the QA team’s response.


You can also install Roon Bridge in the meantime on another computer if you don’t want to move the entire library over just yet and see if that new computer is giving you troubles playing the songs as well. I will let you know once I have more information to share.


By the way, I used Roon on a Macbook Pro to test the USB headphones and they work great on it. It’s just on the original Roon Core on Windows 10 that it doesn’t work (as reported originally).

Hello @Roman_Pacheco1,

Thanks for confirming for us that the Macbook Pro works with the headphones, I have added that as a note in your case. The team over at QA has requested some more information regarding your setup. Can you please open Device Manager and take a screenshot of your Audio Zones with the Sound, video and Game controllers area expanded? It should look something very similar to this:

Please post the screenshot here when possible.


@Roman_Pacheco1 Are all your devices running ‘Roon 1.4, build 310 64 bit’ as per your first post? Any reason you are not running 1.5 build 323 not that I am saying that is the issue. My apologies is you are already at 1.5?