Roon sometimes takes forever to play a track. Even the ones on my nas hard drive. Is this nornal

Hi all

I have roon setup on a qnap nas drive. With database on an ssd and music on a hardrive.

Im having issues where roon is taking a very long time to access my music. Whether the music is on my harddrive or via qobuz or tidal. I have a very strong internet connection . I can however access my music instantly if I use any other software like Linn Kazoo or LDS.

Is anyone else experiencing this and are there any fixes.


It’d be really helpful if you could describe your setup in more detail as described in the following post.

Hi @Manmohan_Sondh,

Some additional details would definitely be helpful in understanding what might be happening here.

  1. What is the QNAP model you’re using? What CPU does it use? Does it meet our requirements?
  2. How many tracks are in your database? You can find this by going to Overview.
  3. Can you describe your networking setup? What router is in use? Any other networking gear? How are your devices connected?
  4. Does this issue occur if you play to a different endpoint besides the Linn? If you play to System Output of a remote is there any change?

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