Roon, Sonos and Stereo Pairs

I am considering changing from JRiver to Roon as I have stability issues with using JRIver and I cannot use there DSP options with Sonos.

I understand Roon now supports Sonos. I have a couple of questions.

I believe I read this on your Sonos page but I want to confirm that I can use Roon DSP with Sonos?

With regards to support of Sonos from your Sonos page _“Roon understands Sonos stereo pairs and will only play to the master device in each pair. However, it’s not currently possible to add or remove devices from stereo pairs through Roon.” Does this mean only the Master speaker in a stereo pair will play or will both speakers in the pair play? I have no problem if I need to pair or unpair through the Sonos app rather than Roon.

I’ve thought of a third question. Does Roon have iOS remotes?

Hello @Michael_Kulfan,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your questions! Let me answer them below:

  1. Yes, you can apply DSP to Sonos zones.

  2. That blurb means that you can pair two Sonos speakers together so that one plays to the left channel and one plays to the right channel but this grouping will have to be done in the Sonos app and can’t be done in Roon. You can group Sonos speakers in Roon but they will be outputting the same content to both channels if grouped that way. If you have the Sonos speakers grouped in a stereo pair, then they will only appear as one Zone in Roon.

  3. Yes, we have iOS remotes for iPad/iPhone/Android and you can even use PCs as Roon Remotes, for iOS you can find the Roon app in the iTunes Store.

The best way to experience Roon would be to take the trial out for a spin and review our Knowledge Base for info starting off but any other questions, just let me know!


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