Roon Special Lifetime Offer?

I am interested in purchasing the Lifetime Roon service but i wondered if there were any special offers available during the lockdown period? I as many others am expecting an Economic meltdown following this lockdown so spending £700 on Roon as a luxury purchase may be too much of an ask for many people. Is there any special promotional offer available at this time or will there be in the very near future?

Hi @mark_perrin,

There are no special offers and I suspect given Roon’s stance on lifetime subscriptions I’d say it is very unlikely.

Roon have stated that at some point in time the lifetime option may be withdrawn, so if anything I forsee the lifetime price would go up rather than seeing any special deals.

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The cost of a lifetime subscription is $699 (approx. £560.) You can only offset the cost of your annual subscription in the first month now, so choose when to switch wisely.

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