Roon stability - am I an outlier?

Hi, this is interesting as I’ve not come across this. What does pinging your core do? (I’m not well versed in technical details)

And Forca Barca

Pinging sends data packets to the host, in this case the Roon server. The server then sends them back. The tims indicated are the round-trip times. For Wi-Fi, <10 ms should be ok. But I’m getting 200+ sometimes. And before I fixed my network, I was getting dropouts/timeouts—the data packets didn’t get back after a certain period. This is very bad. To me, this translated to wonky interaction with the Roon Remote apps, not gapless playback, and pause and stops. Just sometimes really terrible experience I’ve associated with Roon. I really hope that’s behind me now.

And indeed, Força Barça!

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Thank you.

No, you’re not an outlier. Roon has been frustrating for me. I eventually stopped my trial and subscription due to incorrect album and sorting issues that I can’t resolve… which makes Roon un-useable for me. Duplicate album issue - #7 by koay_family

I encourage you to share details of your problems in another post. There are many well-meaning “super-users” who may be able to help (although my issues remain unresolved). Good luck!

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I didn’t see your original post , just a thought! This looks like a vinyl rip somehow ,

You haven’t got a Side A/1 B/2 etc lurking in your metadata?

Roon May see that as CD1 etc

Just a thought :sunglasses:

Thanks Mike. No, it wasn’t linked to the sides. Apparently it is due to Roon’s “secret sauce” (Roon Object Identity) on how Roon compiles its albums… but it is rather inconsistent and I can’t figure out why it sometimes sort properly and sometimes not. Or if it creates duplicate albums.

Ok, didn’t mean to “hijack” this discussion here.
The original post = Duplicate Album Issue

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My ISP insisted on using their fiber router in NAT mode which gave a lot of problems (for me).
Since i am comfortable with networking gear, i made (read forced) them after al lot of support cases to put the router in bridge mode*.
This resulted in a far better performance and control over what goes in and out my connection.
It was the country manager of my ISP that contacted me in the end; “if we put the router in bridge mode, will you stop sending support cases”.
I have this connection now for 6 months and it is fast and stable.
It is about what the customer needs, not what is convenient for the ISP.

Find someone that understands networking and let them help you.
Present your use case and make them fix the network, best with appropriate gear.
Roon depends on networking and a lot of errors come from networking errors.

Bridge mode has serious security risks!!!

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I am having massive issues with the iOS app crashing after 15 seconds or so. This have been lasting since the last update. I tried asking about this and only got «duh i’ts a known issue, they are working on it» response. Doesn’t really help much.


Hello @Jim_Rasch, I’m sorry to hear of your troubles; the app certainly should not be crashing every 15s. I have been unable to find where you have raised the issue before, but your best course of action is to raise a specific thread in #support describing the issue and your setup.

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I have this too now. Opens and crashes immediately 2 or 3 times then it works.

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I really do not understand folks with 100’s of thousands of tracks. I have only about 10,000 tracks and I’ve got crap I never remember buying. Sometime I think these huge collections exist…why…“because they can”. Because if they had Albums or CDs…Not Digitally stored, no one would have physical room in their house for that much music…I saw someone listed they had over 20,000 albums…roughly that’s about 10 years/24-7…just to hear that collection ONCE!..I guess that’s like asking why does Jay Leno have so many cars…it’s his hobby! explanation needed.

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My music keeps stopping along with s blank scfreen

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Brian, welcome to the forum. If you want help with your issue, please could you make a new post in the Support category of the forum, and give more detail as outlined in this post:

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My simple setup has been very stable since moving my Roon core from a MacBook Pro to the NUC. ROCK running on an i5 NUC with LS50W as an endpoint; NUC and LS50W are connected to router via ethernet. Stability went from a 4/5 to 5/5 moving from MB Pro to NUC/ROCK. Have not rebooted or powered off the NUC other than to put it in a fanless case. Have had few issues using iOS devices as remotes.

Yeah, puzzling to me as well. I would not want to accuse anyone of piracy, but the cost of most CDs and downloads is between $1 and $2 per track. Have these people really spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their music collections??! Possible, I guess, but it does seem incredible.

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Unfortunately my answer would probably be yes, please don’t tell the wife…

However bear in mind CD has been widely available from charity shops for less than $1 a disc for years so has been a little less painful on the wallet.


Considering how many times I have been offered (and declined) CD rips from friends and acquaintances, I have to imagine most of these larger libraries are not made up of purchased discs. Few people could afford to buy so much music. I guess some people buy CD lots sight unseen and have thousands of CD that most people would not care to own either because of the content or the mastering quality.

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You can get CDs for peanuts new these days of Amazon, and I buy loads 2nd hand for next to nothing. If you have been collecting for 30+ years then yes your likely to have a very large collection. I have bought more tracks in the the last 12 months than ever to especially downloads from Bandcamp which are exceptional value for money.

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OK. Kevin…

C’mon now…I doubt your SO reads this space…so really now…how many Charity shops do you frequent?? :rofl:

How many are digital and how many are physical? When I was into vinyl, I was constantly searching for new places for my discs…and I only had a few hundred albums. where the hell do 10 or 20,000 albums go…they would almost have to be mostly digital and like some have said…these large collections are groups of collection lumped together …

I still buy new CDs from Amazon and downloads from HD Tracks…and I have an Qobuz account…I should try Bandcamp sometimes…

Maybe, like volcanoes, they just go dormant, ready to erupt some day in the future.

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