Roon stopped seeing My home theater receiver

I have a Marantz Sr7015 that has functioned as an endpoint, not independently and when grouped with another Marantz product. This morning it disappeared from the Roon ecosystem. No longer grouped and does not exist on the Settings-Audio- menu. I’m guessing this is an AirPlay issue, but who knows. Yes, all software is up to date, and everything has been rebooted.

Do you have the AVR plugged into your LAN? It should show up when turned on as one of your active connected devices in the LAN software.

Thanks, we can close this topic. I did some research and found my AirPlay password in the HEOS app. For some reason I need to reactivate that receiver in Roon and it was asking for the AirPlay password. Very obscure, obtuse, esoteric and of course annoying. Thanks for your quick reply, I’m sorry for the false alarm.

So what did the home theater receiver say to Roon that caused the breakup? :rofl:

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