Roon stops when different zone is selected

As soon as I select a different zone (right bottom) Roon stops! I am running Roon 1.5 (64 bit) on a macbook, running on Mac osx High Sierra, 10.13.4. Anyone know how to fix it?

Hi, @Andre_Koster, thanks for the report, could you please provide a more accurate description of the zone and your setup like this article says? I mean describe what output device is this, connection type, etc.



hi Ivan,

thanks for reaching out. After an update, the problem magically disappeared!


one more question: I heard rumors that the “radio” function might be available also outside the library, in the total Tidal collection as well?

No, that’s not true, @Andre_Koster, if a tidal album is not in your library you cannot Start Radio using tracks from it or the album itself.

Good to hear that your problem was fixed!



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