Roon streaming results -> just Tidal!

Hello, I am quite disappointed with Roon internal search engine, I have got both Qobuz and Tidal but whenever I search an album for streaming playing Roon gives only tidal results. Why?! I want the possibility to choose between one or other service and not being imposed to play what Roon tells me to play. Audirvana makes a better job on this point.

I was Imprecise I beg your pardon, I didn’ t want to say Qobuz ever appears but often Tidal, and when there is on both service, the preference goes to Tidal, usually if appears Qobuz badge it means Roon didn’t find a counterpart on Tidal!

I am not sure I understand, but

this is exactly the preference I mentioned in the linked post,

Note that in the Settings > General you can also configure what you prefer if an album exists on both streaming services

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Thank you! I would have never discover this option alone, anyway I think that is an error, if “no preference” is set it would be more logical to show both choices :slight_smile:

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Could you not use the “Versions” of an album to see which versions are available in your library, on Tidal and on Qobuz?

Not when searching for stuff that is not yet in the library :slight_smile:

But like I wrote, the badges can anyway be displayed in the search results and the preference is configurable

I only have Qobuz so I can’t check with both, but when I search using the magnifying glass at the top right and select and album that is not in my library and for which Qobuz has multiple versions I am seeing a versions tab after selecting the search result.

Am I minunderstanding the question or is there a different search?

Oh indeed, that works too. But still is two clicks per album.

Anyway, streaming preferences and the visible badges are good enough for me :slight_smile:

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It’s because of versions you don’t get to choose which one to play from the search. Roon decides which it thinks you should annoyingly. It’s why I have ditched my favourites as my own music was trumped by Qobuz all the time.

Other software presents you with both options on the search result. Roon in their infinite wisdom do it very differently and require more clicks to find the other one you might want. Your suggestion is the answer but not the one the op was looking for most likely.

Not sure if I understand correctly what’s happening to you, but I have Qobuz and Tidal with Qobuz as the preferred streaming service, and as far as I can tell I consistently get my primary version shown in search results.

E.g. QOTSA for which I have all albums locally (and some are also favorited on Qobuz, but the local one is primary), and the search results shows me my local ones. And when I click any, it takes me to that primary

Same here:

Everywhere the same whatever I try

Not for me it predominantly chose Qobuz over my own stuff time and time again I had a thread on it but got no input from Roon. More often it was linked to also having it as a Qobuz favourite but not always. I did several tests by removing the Qobuz version and it would alway return mine. So the actual primary would not work in search correctly.

I don’t miss having favourites at all I can still play them without being a favourite. Many I don’t really play after a while so just wasting space. Since clearing them Roons been so much better experience at searching and more responsive with 2k+ less albums to deal with. It’s especially bad I found when you group alt versions of albums with your own. it really throws it off and it doesn’t work really as it should and removing them is a nightmare when they remove or replace it but it’s still in Roon.

Weird, maybe something changed. I am on the earlyrelease. Or I am just lucky.

Yeah, I usually don’t add Q/T favs either if I have the local album. Just sometimes when Roon does not autogroup the versions and insists on showing my local and the streaming one both in the artist discography. Then I have to add the streaming one to be able to group them.

I haven’t noticed anything like that though.
Edit: Of course the delisted albums are a thing, but I don’t care much. If I ever want to play them, I replace them. I’m not anal about needing to have that tidy for albums I likely never play again before I am dead :slight_smile:

All the time. It came up more when I was attempting to clear out duplicates from Qobuz. I deleted them via Roon. Then 10 minutes later it would sync it all back in for lots of titles. I kept doing this and then realised it was because of groupings and more importantly groups with versions that where redundant as been removed replaced. As a result it wasn’t syncing the deletions back to Qobuz so on a Qobuz sync it added them back. I gave up as have had so many issues with stuff like this an Qobuz albums. That I’ll just keep my own stuff and use Qobuz for discovery and play that I don’t own but not use favourites. Given how slow other apps are that use the api when you have a a large collection as you found in the Naim app, Bluesound was the same by the way slowed Qobuz down massively. Removed them all and it’s far better. Don’t have Bluesound now but it’s improved UAPP on my DAP hugely with Qobuz.

Anyway we have diverted the thread enough.

I had just added that edit above:

Edit: Of course the delisted/unavailable albums are a thing, but I don’t care much. If I ever want to play them, I replace them. I’m not anal about needing to have that tidy for albums I likely never play again before I am dead :slight_smile:

But that’s the only thing, nothing else I noticed. But I never use Qobuz directly, so I guess I wouldn’t notice such sync issues

You wound if you tried to delete them from Roon as it would not sync to Qobuz and will constantly add them back in. It’s infuriating as I was removing 250+ duplicates. I wasn’t going to manually ungroup to fix Roons foibles.

Oh I did delete quite a few in Roon (when I add local files for an album I mostly do) but never an issue I noticed :man_shrugging:

But had they been grouped with now unavailable albums from Qobuz? That’s the issue that cause this os I found as they only started to go permanently after I ungrouped and removed the unavailable album. Any way it’s my decision and I am happier for it and Roons way faster and less finicky.

Ah, maybe not

This is the trigger and seemed to break the sync back to Qobuz when deleting albums in Roon. So when Roon did its next Qobuz sync it added back in all the albums I had removed as they were still in its database also found so many that showed in the Qobuz app and not in Roon. it drove me mad until I worked out what the issue was. So this was the straw that broke the Camels back with me and keeping favourites in Roon and made the decision to clean out Qobuz which I did via Soundiiz as you can delete your entire favourites in one go. Roon’s integration is great at some levels, but fundamentally broken at others. Something you don’t get with the apps using pure API as the library is pulled direct and isn’t hosted by another party or mirrored locally. Its something they need to address as its been like this for as long as I remember, as I have had issues just trying to delete single orphaned albums that have been grouped. You have to ungroup often then they wont go you have to unfavourite in Qobuz then add them again to be able to remove it. Others have had similar sync issues with deletions.