Roon Titan Nucleus concerns [resolved, was broken cable and the user interface for processing speed was misinterpreted]

Hi All.

I was reading a thread yesterday about the new Titan and a couple of issues that @Dan_Sullivan was having with his new unit. I cannot find the thread today, has it been moved?

I was looking at purchasing a Titan, so was obviously a little disappointed to hear of the issues and wanted to see if there had been a solution. For someone like myself, with very little computer skills, it is important that a premium product works flawlessly and is well supported. Has the unit been replaced?


Sorry, just found it in my browser history.

The problem was a bad cable. I chose to have Roon just send me a replacement cable because that is quicker than doing a Titan swap. They have overnighted it to me so I will have it tomorrow.



You’re definitely a better man than me…

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Hopefully that solves one issue for you. Have you had any resolution to the DSD issue?

I still can’t see the original thread on the forum, has it been deleted or hidden? It would be helpful if everyone that is interested can follow this to it’s conclusion.
Having a faulty product is obviously not a good look, especially as it’s a brand new premium product, so it would be good for any potential customer’s confidence to know that Roon’s customer service is following up and solving the problems. Anything less would suggest there is something to hide.
I’m just a little concerned about pulling the trigger on a purchase.

Hopefully, all is well.


I was concerned about this also.

One of my Roon Server devices running on DietPi is on a N95 CPU with 8gb RAM and upsamples to my FiiO R7 which is on WiFi without an issue. Music from Qobuz.

With vol levelling and headroom active

From My N100 CPU machine with 16gb RAM using local files as per below. This runs Rock.

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It was “unlisted” as it was not serving a public purpose anymore.
Like many support threads they tend to be diluted by opinions and occassionally a mash up of more than one issue.

And i think it’s too early to say whether the poor processing was related to the broken cable.

Patience my friend, patience… :grinning:

Unlisted makes it feel more like it’s been swept under the rug.
These posts usually get moved to the Feedback section. As I said before, it would suggest there is something to hide.


If you don’t yet have the cable you can’t say for sure that is the issue.

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A bad side effect of doing support in public. The cable was broken and snapped off the connector. It’s the first one that was reported like this, out of hundreds of units shipped in the last month. We would have sent him a new unit, but he wanted the cable sent because it’d be faster. He was overnighted the cable.

That said, you can see Dan’s post from last night showing that everything else is working fine, including the DSD:


Unlisted usually means we don’t want the public at large chiming in with help in cases where official support is on the case. It’s just added noise and often confuses the case.

If the cable is ripped off the connector, you can be pretty surethe issue of why the drive is not detected is the broken cable.

Sheesh guys, this is not rocket science and there are no conspiracies here.


This is a really good example of why the “processing speed” is bad UI.

The N100 CPU is so much less performant than the Nucleus Titan, yet it gives a higher processing speed. It’s because the N100 has a far worse power regulator, so it’s just running faster at all times. The Titan’s CPU is able to scale down as needed, so while it’s probably capable of doing it at 100x+ at full power, that would waste electricity and generate unnecessary heat.

CPUs have become significantly more efficient since that UI was invented about 7-8 years ago, and they do so with power scaling which throws off the indicator. Funny thing is, the better your CPU, the lower your processing speed will be (but always decently above 1.0x).


Cheers for that @danny :+1:

I do admit my CPU temp does rise a fair bit during upsampling etc, but still stays at a safe operational level (DietPi). Probably wouldn’t want to do it constantly.

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There’s often much noise and confusion on threads where official support has not (yet) been involved, too… but most of those support threads will not be unlisted and serve as reference for other users…


Well. I also ordered the upgrade to Titan. After seeing the problems that Dan had I reached out to Roon sales with questions and concerns. Instead of helping me, they simply refunded the purchase price. Sort of sad. Don’t they care about selling product?


Well, there’s this:

Not sure who you are asking, but if it’s the community then nobody can make a useful comment as we don’t know anything about the conversation, and even if we did then we couldn’t comment on Roon Lab‘s motivation.

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Just putting it out there.

So Dan. Was it a simple transfer of the internal hard drive from your Nucleus to the Titan with no computer skills needed?

That’s tricky to answer. What does “no computer skills” mean? To install a new drive or move an old drive, you need to be able to open the case, unplug the previous drive and resecure the loose cable in the old PC, close that case, open the new case, plug the new drive in and then close the case.

If it was a transfer of a drive from a previous ROCK/Nucleus then you need to just boot the new Nucleus up and it should be there. You probably will want to restore a database backup you made from the previous machine prior to starting the transfer. If it is a new drive, then you open up the Nucleus Web UI and format it.

To me, a techie, all the above is no computer skills needed, to my spouse, the attempt would have ended with “pick up a screwdriver to open the case”.

Having physically moved drives in and out of Nuclues, it takes me mere minutes for the whole process. But, like I mentioned, I’m not a good baseline. I can build a ROCK NUC from unopened parts boxes to finished working server in less than 10 minutes.