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I am ripping & tagging my Prefab Sprout remasters & the album title needs to include the expression: Blu-spec CD2

Unfortunately, when I write it like that & save the files from Yate, Roon shows me this:

It’s only when I close the space before “CD2” that Roon shows me the full album title:

It’s not a “Blu-specCD2” it’s a “Blu-spec CD2” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

First world problems & all that.

Are there any workarounds for this?

If you scroll a bit farther down on the import settings page you showed there are options for album version.
You can change the way Roon uses parentheses from your metadata and can probably achieve your desired result.

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Unfortunately, this truncates, too.




I put that information under Version.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Leaving aside the fact that I specifically prefer this stuff to be in my album name, for all sorts of reasons that I can explain if you’re ever having trouble sleeping…

Putting the information in Roon means that it’s not in your meta-tags & if your Roon database ever goes belly up (which I’ve seen any number of people on here say that theirs has & restoring from a back-up hasn’t worked) then you’re kinda screwed.

There are a couple of bits of info that I currently have to add in Roon (recording dates for classical music to be precise) but that’s only because I can’t figure out how to put it in Yate & have it show up in Roon correctly.

Actually, I have it in the folder title for the album, and I have Roon set to parse it from there into the Version description.


I will add one or two cents worth. My impression of the parsing algorithm for the album title was that it was not fully baked. Odd break points being used, and the occasional two lines being used when one would easily suffice.

I’ll keep a collection of these if Roon is interested in improving this

Well, I’d certainly be interested in knowing how to do that.

Are there instructions anywhere?

Have a look at these settings.

You can experiment with what info you put in your folder names within the different types of brackets/braces/parentheses or use VERSION tag or not.
Not sure this will solve the truncating issue but it might help your albums display with the information you’d like.

To be honest, I think I still like my folder names to have everything entered manually, just the way I like it, starting with the release date & month of the album and ending, where possible, with the Discogs reference number, but it’s interesting to know these settings are there.

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Hi @Snowdog,

Just checking in. It looks like you received the information you needed but let me know if we can help further.


Thanks Wes. Martin did let me know, but I haven’t managed to get it to the top of my to-do list, yet. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay, finally got to this & the results are in.

If I tag the files like this (Blu-spec CD2):

I get this in Roon:

If I tag the files like this (Blu-spec-CD2):

I get this in Roon:

If I tag the file like this (Blu-specCD2):

I get the complete album title in Roon:

Interestingly, only in the third iteration does Roon identify the album, as you can see from the sudden introduction of a load of unwanted bumph which throws all of the important information over to one side & hides half of it. Grrr! :rofl:

As stated if Roon sees “CD” as a separate term it will truncate. Removing the spaces Roon sees “Blue-specCD2” as one word and lets it pass. Versions is still the best option,

@Martin_Webster Only on the short review screen. If you open the full album review it will display.



I would bet if you unidentified the album as a test, the title will work like you want it to. See:

No truncation on CD.

Thanks for the above.

Firstly, I was told this had been fixed and was asked to test it, which is why I posted about it above, not because I didn’t fully understand the situation when we last talked about it. Apologies if that was unclear.

Secondly, versions is not how I want my music organised so I won’t be using it, regardless of how much you love it but knock yourself out.

Thirdly, I’m okay with there not being a space before CD. I’ve tagged it and moved on. If they managed to fix this, I’ll go back and change it but otherwise, I won’t be losing any sleep over it. I kinda get why it does what it does & that’s probably more important than my personal filing idiosyncrasies.

Finally, I have over 17,000 albums in my collection. I’m blowed if I’m going to go through and “unidentify” them all just because of this. :rofl:

Also worth mentioning that, as you can see from my previous long post, the album is unidentified and truncating in both of the first two options and only becomes identified when I close up the gap.

Go figure.

Yep, that works.

I recently edited this CD, and it’s okay, too… identified by Roon, so not sure what’s happening.

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