Roon usage at a second remote location

I want to use Roon to control the streaming of tidal in my work office which is in a different physical location than my Roon core.

At my office I have an amplifier but no computer. I purchased a Wiim Pro Plus to act as my streamer/Dac. The Wiim is connected via Ethernet.

I was planning on using an extra android galaxy tablet I have to act as the user interface. I want my employees to be able to open the tablet, select the arc app, and let chrome cast the audio to the Wiim

I am having a struggle getting this to work properly and boiling the issue down to two factors. First, I am seeing that certain galaxy tablets are having difficulty maintaining the connection to either the Wiim or chrome cast. Second, the Wiim is supposed to be Roon ready, but I cannot figure out how to make that happen. I found something about installing it but it requires me to do it within Roon, and since my core is at home, I can’t do this at my office.

When I have it working (which is a not quick or fun process) arc is playing, chrome is casting and Wiim is feeding to my amp, but I have no idea is this is working via Wi-Fi, or Ethernet.

Do I have to take my Wiim home to get Roon installed on it and then return it to work?
If that works can I use arc as the app on my tablet at work and control what device it plays at?

Any other ideas? I thought the Wiim would be a good option at 200, vs buying a bluesound node x, but I don’t even know if the bluesound node x can be controlled via arc on a tablet remote from the core.

There is some confusion here.

First, maybe you know but the ARC app itself does not support Chromecast built into the ARC app:

You can, however, run ARC on the Android tablet and then use the tablet’s Cast feature to cast the tablet’s audio to the Chromecast receiver. This works.

However, if this is what you do I don’t understand why you “have no idea is this is working via Wi-Fi, or Ethernet.” If using Chromecast, you would have to choose Cast on the tablet and pick the receiver from a list, so I think you would know. If using Ethernet, you would plug an Ethernet cable into the tablet, so I think you would know as well. Plus, Ethernet is not an audio protocol, it is just the basic network layer over which you would use an audio protocol; the same applies to Wi-Fi - i.e., Chromecast would work on top of the network layer.

Maybe you can tell us what exactly you are doing and then we could understand what you are using.

Second, if chromecasting to the Wiim, it does not matter whether the Wiim is Roon Ready or not because you are using Chromecast. Roon Ready means support for Roon’s RAAT protocol, which is used instead of Chromecast but works only with full Roon on the LAN where the Roon Core is, not with ARC remotely.


The WiiM Pro is Roon Ready. The Pro Plus isn’t as far as I know.

Their website lists Roon for both in the specs: Specs for WiiM Pro and Pro Plus | WiiM

Anyway, doesn’t matter for ARC