Roon version 1.8 has communication problems with an Oppo 205 when using an Optical Rendu

Roon version 1.8 has communication problems with an Oppo 205 when using an Optical Rendu over connected too USB of the Oppo. Having not listen in a while was force to load 1.8 :pensive: After installing 1.8 on my IPAD went to stream some, however as soon as I connected it Roon on the tablet stopped. After going through numerous tests the problem only happen when tried to play audio through the USB Audio input of the Oppo 205, the Ethernet works fine. When the Oppo interface was enable Roon stop playing every time I went through multiple setting nothing fixed it. However, I did got Roon playing through the Oppo USB by pulling the Ethernet cable from the Oppo.

The first thing they should have tested were different interface with this software.
Roon skip a lot of corners horrid instructions. I waisted a lot of time with there product and I really sorry that I have equipment such as the Rendu and the Sonic Transporter that or designed to work with Doom.

Is the Optical Rendu hardware supported by Oppo?

Curious if something is getting lost in the connection.

The Rendu support the USB standard as does the Oppo does. I have run many version of Roon with that combination and it’s worked fine till 1.8. The facts are the majority of streaming DAC’s use the USB Interface for streaming. I not sure how Roon treats the USB INTERFACE that the issue as the Oppo is defined in the Roon configurations. You have to have a analyzer to know how their hand shake is working.

Frustrating for sure. Give ‘em a couple of weeks to sort things out. These big releases have required some clean up in the past; I’m sure this one is no different.

I just updated the 1.8 firmware to make sure it worked. Seems to be operating correctly in my setup. Haven’t used it except to system check it. Using other music gear / software.

Hi @James_Wilson1

Thanks for the details here. Just to confirm, if you remove the Optical Rendu from the equation and just connect the Oppo to the Core machine directly is there any change?

Can you give us some details about your networking and Core machine?


While Roon is running on my tablet I go to the Oppo and set the interface to USB at the point the music playing on Roon stop and message it has lost connection. The Oppo will not stay connected to the USB but Roon will staring again when I enable the music… PULLING the ETHERNET CABLE and the Connection to the USB will play. This all worked fine before.

I cannot do any testing on as we are having severe weather and rolling blackout.


If I disconnect the Rendu it will play via the Ethernet it works with Roon. If I disconnect the Ethernet Roon will use the USB interface.

I will check it again this evening, if he power stays on we are having rolling blackout because of the serious weather we’re having in North Texas.

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My Oppo 205 stopped working after loading 1.8. When I tried to switch to the USB input of the Oppo Roon would disconnect the Oppo 205 but I pulled the Ethernet cable and the USB started working. I run a Optical Rendu connected to the USB of the OPPO and a SonicTransporter. All this gear worked fine before the upgrade.

Restart the core and see if that helps.

Apologies for the trouble, @James_Wilson1 !

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Is there any change after a reboot?

When this happens does the device still show up in Settings > Audio?

I will have to get back to you on this. Been living through severe winter storm in Plano TX and I got my 2nd covid shot yesterday and not feeling well may in a couple of days.

  1. Transmission 400mbits to Router connect to a Netgear Bridge close to my equipment Cables Cat6.
    Ethernet connects to Oppo and and use a Simple Green Sonic Transporter connected to my router that was provided by Spectrum. The Router seems fine to 80mbits. As I said the router provide BW to the Bridge.
    Bridge provide Ethernet to Optical Multimedia converter and it sent a signal via fiber to the Optical Rendu. The fiber is a Single Mode provide by the vendor of the Multimedia device. Optical Rendu connects to the Oppo 205 via a Wireworld USB2 cable. This has also work fine till Roon 1.8.
    I have since updated the software on the Optical Rendu but have not had the chance to test it with the Ethernet plugged back the Oppo.
    The Oppo boots up with on with a Blue Ray HDIM connection to the Oppo and you have to change it to USB Audio. When Roon is running in the tablet and I enable USB Audio Roon disconnects from the Oppo and the process has to be repeated.
    Roon works straight through the Ethernet with the Oppo but you have to pull the Ethernet Cable if you want the Roon to Play music via the Oppo 205. I will into this as soon as my wife and I feel better from the effects the Mondera 2nd Covid-19 shot.
    James Wilson

I use Roon with IPAD latest software