Roon Will Not Play to System Output

Roon no longer plays music when the output is set to System Output. It works fine with airplay.

I’ve tried restarting several times, upgraded to 1.2, removed/re-installed the program, and the problem persists. When I play a song, the progress bar stays at 0 for a few seconds, and the song disappears. System output was working fine a few days ago. System output works fine with Winamp and other programs on my computer, so it has to be Roon.

I’m using Windows 10 and Roon 1.2

Hey @Ted – can you let me know how you have your audio settings configured? Screenshots like the ones here would be great.

Also, what’s the device your System Output is playing too?

Thanks Mike. I’ve attached screenshots. My system out put is playing to KEF x300a speakers using its onboard USB DAC. It was working fine perfectly before, and now it no longer works. It doesn’t play to system output even when I disconnect the DAC and try to play it on my laptop speakers. My laptop speakers work fine with all other programs.

You still there Mike?

I don’t know if this is related–“Background Audio Analysis Speed” is also very slow, on the scale of 1 song every 15-20 seconds. This starts back at 0 every time I re-open Roon. I have a core i7 with 8gb ram.

Is your music stored locally. If not, what is it stored in.

Hi ted. To make sure a user gets a direct ping on the forum use the @name syntax. So it would be

Hey @mike!

That is normal, watch the second number.
If you have know 10 of 1000 and you restart Roon, you should see 0 of 990

Gotcha. Thank you AE67.

Hi Rugby. Yes, the music is stored on my computer. Thank you for the tip.

@mike - You still with me?

@mike - Can you please provide support for this issue.

Sorry about that @Ted. I’ve sent you some information about getting us logs via PM, so take a look and we’ll get a better sense of what’s going on here once we have the logs.