Roon will not recognize my album collection anymore

I have always had a Seagate 2 TB Backup Plus Slim Portable Hard Drive plugged in to my Roon Nucleus. My album collection would always show up. I have about 300 albums. For a few weeks now, my albums do not appear in my music library. I wonder why? I even tried turning off my Roon Nucleus and unplugging the portable drive. I have tried both USB ports and still nothing. Any help is appreciated. Thank you kindly.

Is the USB drive formatted as NTFS? If so, then you will need to connect it temporarily to a Windows PC, and then (this is important) safely eject it from the PC. The Nucleus should then be able to read the drive once more.

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Hi Geoff.

First off, thank you so much for the reply. This is great.

To begin, I really can’t say if the USB drive is formatted for NTFS. I am not a huge computer guy. As far as it being formatted as the New Technology File System, you got me on that one. I will try what you mentioned about connecting it temporarily to a Windows PC. I hope I do it correctly and that it does not erase all of my albums. This should be pretty basic. I did come across this information in the link that you provided.

I am not sure that I know what this exFAT means.

Just connecting the drive to a Windows PC and then using Windows to eject the drive safely won’t affect the music files on the drive at all.

However, exFAT and NTFS, while both are formatting schemes, they are very different in structure. And the act of formatting a drive will completely erase any existing content. So if you were to take the decision to reformat your drive and use the exFAT (or EXT4) format, you would first need to copy the drive’s content to a holding location (on your PC for example) before formatting the drive and then copy the files back to the newly-formatted drive.

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Hi Geoff.

I plugged in the USB drive into my laptop and it literally doesn’t do anything. Wow, I think the Nucleus has destroyed this USB drive. When I plug my other @TB drive (backup) into my laptop, the light comes on and it works. The problem with this second one is that I can’t even find it in my control panel. I can find it. It appears, but nothing happens when I try to open it. This latest update of the newest version of Windows is a nightmare. The control panel is not like the older versions of windows. I have no idea what to even do here. Hmmm.

I would change the USB cable just to rule it out also.


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I do not think the Nucleus has done anything to the drive.

Does the drive appear anyhow under Windows? Could you initiate a drive check and repair corrupted directory in Windows? After running such a procedure, in many cases the drive behaves completely normal again with all data being accessible by Nucleus.

Try an another cable, I have an old 1tb USB HDD that only works with the cable it came with, I have several cables with same fittings but no go …

Strange eh

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