Roon win client - constant no response/ crashin

my roon client on win 11 is constantly not responding/ crashing … anyone similar experience?


Do you minimize the window and does it stop crashing if you don’t?

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@Suedkiez i do minimize it sure, as i am using pc for other things.

i havent tested - without minimizing … is there some issue with minimalization?

Yes there is, hence my question :slight_smile: It does not seem to affect everyone but it has going on for a long time and has only been partially resolved:

If it does not crash for you without minimizing, then you probably experience this. In this case, a workaround my be to avoid minimizing the Roon app by using a virtual desktop like described here:

Hey @heap,

I wanted to check in on this thread to see if @Suedkiez’s response was helpful? Let me know your current status, and if you could share a timestamp of the next time you experience this crash, that would be helpful. :pray:

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