Roon with Denon Home 350

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I just received a Denon Home 350 and hooked it up to my network.When streaming lossless music from my core or from tidal, Roon notes that the play-quality is not lossless. See below. I thought the H350 supported wireless lossless play, which is the main reason that I got it. My Roon server is running on an old Mac mini with an older Mac OS. Is there a way to fix this?


They mean using their HEOS app.

Oh no! I assumed bc this is a “Roon tested product” it would support lossless play as well. Oh well. I guess, then, the only way to go about getting lossless playback through Roon with a wire connection & external dac?

“Roon Tested” in this case means Airplay.

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Thanks. But it looks like airplay is also support CD quality lossless? The ALAC example above is also that – so there shouldn’t be any downsampling? There’s a thread about on this forum as well: AirPlay now classed as lossless transmission...? - #3 by Malcolm_Percival

I don’t know much about Airplay. But, for your purposes I doubt you’d hear much if any difference between an external dac v airplay. One way to test would be to play the same material via HEOS and roon/airplay and see if you hear a difference.

Yeah probably. Still though, I’d like to learn more about how these things work, i.e. how Roon labels these things or how if there’s really some downsampling going on, if someone here knows about it.

Someone else can speak to Airplay, downsampling, etc. Don’t know much about it.

I do know that roon basically supports raat (it’s own protocol), chromecast, and airplay. (I think they also support sonos and squeezebox in some fashion or other).

Of those, raat (roon advanced audio transport) is the only “roon ready” protocol and is bit-perfect end to end. It is implemented in the firmware of roon ready devices using special software provided by roon with implementation certified by roon, and also in desktop/mobile devices using roon apps or roon “bridge” software.

The other protocols work with roon in varying degrees of functionality. “Roon tested” means roon has tested devices using these protocols to confirm they are correctly implemented and work.

More info:

Not true. The Squeezebox protocol is bit perfect. I can’t speak to Sonos. And, Roon also supports Linn streaming (see Linn DSM with Roon - #11 by noris)

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Ok, thanks. Did not know that.

I see! Thanks so much. I should have bought a “Roon-ready” device for RAAT to work then. It looks like Denon doesn’t support RAAT. I wish Roon’s website would make the distinction between “Roon Ready” and “Roon Tested” more clear. Then again, I should have been more careful.

So I guess I will have to do with air play. I don’t think I’d return the Denon speakers over this.

This device appears to be a Roon endpoint endpoint to the Denon Home 350. It could work as long as you don’t need HEOS. It looks like a good option for my bedroom or kitchen.


Thanks. There seems to be a few options available, including this one. I might return this and get one of those – or not. I have written to Denon customer support if they have plans to support RAAT in the future. If they don’t, I might consider returning it and going for this Elac speaker or others.

All wireless speakers from Bluesound are Roon Ready too. I have a Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i in my bathroom and it sounds really good…


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That ELAC Z3 speaker looks really nice. Thanks for pointing that out, Alan.

See also

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I just got word from Denon support. They say that they working on “if and how” RAAT could be implemented to Denon products, but they cannot provide a time-frame or even any guarantee that RAAT will be supported eventually.

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Did anyone try with an Ethernet port on the back of the speaker? On my JBL L75MS, I could play up to 32-bit/192 kHz with Wired Network (RJ-45) connection. I don’t connect via Airplay but via an IP on my Roon Core. By the way, I am getting a new Denon Home 350, and I will give it a try as soon as my hands are on the speaker. In the USA, it is $499, and it is a great bargain to miss.

If you want to get higher quality than Airplay and want to set up a Roon Extension this will do the trick …

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As I promised, I returned with good news. By default, as many responded, Roon is using airplay which is not an excellent way to connect to any speakers. The solution is a bit expensive but works. I bought a Denon HEOS link($399) and connected it to my existing stereo amplifier via line out (FYI. Line out is not the same as pre-amp out.) and is one easy way to add HEOS with Roon. The quality of the music is excellent, and I don’t have to add any additional hardware anywhere else in my home.

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