Roon Extension : RHEOS 2-way control & 192Hz/24bit Playback and Grouping on Denon/Marantz HEOS devices now in Extension Manager

I have updated this app significantly during the alpha testing. Now version 0.5.1-0 is live. Big thanks to Patrick Profile - patrick_mccarthy - Roon Labs Community for his input and patience!

This is available as before via github, npm and now there are docker images for amd64, arm64 and arm uploaded to my docker repository Docker Hub

My thanks to Jan Profile - Jan_Koudijs - Roon Labs Community for now including this in the Roon Extension Manger which makes installation a breeze if you are running Linux. The windows package works fine but the app manger makes this so much better.

  • :mag_right: Automatic discovery of HEOS devices and make them available as ROON audio devices (via UPnP). Allows high res playback (192 kHz 24bit) for capable players (HS2). No Airplay use.
  • :dart: Bi-directional Control of player play, pause, previous, volume, mute and grouping within HEOS players from ROON or Heos App.
  • :notes: Group HEOS devices from ROON. Uses HEOS grouping to ensure synchronization with other HEOS players. Only groups HEOS players.

Have a look at the github repository GitHub - LINVALE/RHEOS for more full instructions. Or ping me here to get support.


Hi @peter_richardson,

I added the Rheos extension to the Repository page of the Extension Manager Wiki.

Thanks for submitting your extension to the Extension Manager Repository!

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Jan ,

Thank you for your continued support.

Hopefully folks may find this useful.


Hello. I am new with Roon. I have just started the 14 days trial.
The primary purpose is to stream to a Marantz SR5014 via upnp vs Airplay.
I have found your plug-in, but, I don’t know if I am doing right the installation.
I have installed from Extension Manager Repository, and I suppose that it is the one under Device Control, named “Denon/Marantz AVR” (by Doc Bobo). Is it?

After, when installed, a “not configured, please check settings” warning appears. Then go to configuration, but there isn’t any auto discover, only a box to type the IP.
Once informed nothing happens: if I push “save” the “not configure…” still appearing, but if I press TAB key, appears another message: “cannot read property ‘InputFuncList’ of undefined”.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Francisco - and welcome to the community.

Happy to try and get you set up here.

The extension you need to look for in Extension Manager is under “Device Control” - Extension “Rheos”.

Make sure you are folllwing the instructions to use the latest Extension Manager Version 1.1.2 Roon Extension Manager 1.x (currently at v1.1.2)

Select “Download and” then “Start”.

The “Denon/Marantz AVR” is much older and doesn’t use UPnP/HEOS at all.

The RHEOS extension attempts to better integrate HEOS with ROON and allow high quality streaming and the ability to control HEOS groups from the ROON interface.

Let me know how you get on - once you find the correct extension. This is still in Beta so any feedback will be greatly appreciated and I will try to help you with installation etc.

Best regards,


Hi @Frucoboti,
if you like to stream from Roon to UPnP maybe the rooUPnP module of rooExtend will help you with this. It avoids Airplay and the quality drawback you encounter there.

Also I like to let you know that the rooExtend SD-card image now has the Application manager included.

Best DrCWO

Hi Dr CWO,

Nice to see you on this thread.

Before going through the details, two important items:

  1. Rheos is free and open source but may be incompatible with rooUPnP as both are using the same library and creating virtual squeezeplayers. (I haven’t tested this - I may reload my rooUPnP image onto a spare Raspberry pi but I’m not sure I have maintained the license as it didn’t meet my specific needs for this specific level of integration).

  2. I raise this point to make others aware of the options and a potential pitfall. It should also be emphasized that ROON does not support the integration of any virtual squeezeplayers so results may vary and should be done at own risk.

To help folks that may be thinking about how to manage their Denon/Marantz/Heos players I think it’s worth pointing out the differences and similarities in the approaches we have taken to provide options that improve on the Airplay based integration with these players. This allows only CD quality streaming, which is the most first generation “HS1” Heos players can manage. However, most newer receivers , amps and dedicated HS2 or Denon Home players can stream lossless up to **192kHz/24-bit FLAC.

The rooUPnP module of rooExtend uses the same approach as RHEOS to use the squeezeplayer support by ROON, using the open source library developed over many years by Phillipe GitHub - philippe44/LMS-uPnP: Integrate UPnP players with LogitechMediaServer who along with other pioneers have supported the open source squeeze player architecture and the “Squeezelite” players that can be installed on multiple platforms including the Raspberry Pi. You have nicely integrated this into your rooW+Extend system and simplified installation somewhat by having this provided as an image that can be flashed to a sd card ,from which you can add various additional tools or purchase your prebuilt device. Recently you have incorporated the the excellent roon-extension-manager developed by Jan Koudijs Installation · TheAppgineer/roon-extension-manager Wiki · GitHub who has also developed several very useful extensions that can be installed from the extension manager along with several other applications.

RHEOS has been developed using the same Squeeze2UPnP open-source library and specifically optimized to integrate with Denon/Marantz HEOS enabled players.

The preconfigured settings default to CD quality and if the player supports high resolution and the local network has appropriate bandwidth Hi-Res lossless streaming using Flac compression is available via the extension settings menu.

All HEOS enabled players on the network are automatically discovered. Other UPnP devices are not enabled as no high quality synchronization is possible for them.

Up to 16 players can be grouped successfully, depending on network performance. I have not tested extensively with wi-fi connected players.

Changes to groups made via the HEOS app are automatically reflected in ROON groups and vice-versa, so the user can manage multiple HEOS devices directly from ROON with a single “clock” provided by the HEOS hardware to maintain synchronization.

Play, pause, volume and mute are also synchronized between the HEOS app and ROON allowing 2-way control and limited voice control of the RHEOS zones/groups is integrated with Echo/Google Home or other voice agents.

Hopefully, others will find these systems helpful - and I am happy to try and support any users wanting to try the Beta version, which is now updated to 0.5-2-0 with latest integration of existing squeezeplayers. Source code can be found at my website.

Best regards to all for the upcoming Holiday Season.


Hi Peter,
and thanks’ for the clarification and the pitfalls.

I just flew over the post from @Frucoboti and thought he was talking about a remote control extension only. Then I read about Airplay and thought rooUPnP might be right. Sorry, I didn’t want to hijack your thread :smiling_face:

As far as I can see RHEOS is a complete solution for HEOS players including zone management and remote control so from my point of view it seems to be the better choice for him.

Best DrCWO

Hi Peter,
one more question.

Is RHEOS available as ARMv8 docker image that can be installed via the Application manager?

If yes it can be used with rooExtend as you can disable rooUPnP (not licensing it).
In this case all my other controls can be used in cooperation with RHEOS.
Seems to be an interesting combination :+1:

Best DrCWO


Yes it is, there’s a Linux-64, Arm-64 (so v8 - e.g. RaspberryP Pi 4) and Arm-32 (Raspberry pi 3) version, as well as Windows 32-. It’s helpful to know that there’s a way to disable UPnP in rooExtend if there’s conflict :slight_smile: .

I’ve tested on a NUC 7 running latest versions of Ubuntu, a NUC 7 running Windows 10, Rapberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 3. Others have this successfully running on their own NAS system running a Linux64 OS. Your system may be a great way to do this with less hassle for many folks as it simplifies some of the headaches. but the biggest hint I can give for anyone is to install Jans extension manager (not the old extension repository) as it makes things very straightforward and supports the three most used Linux based architectures suitable for home use.

No thread is owned so happy to have discussions and hear how we can improve on the available options for incorporating a wider variety of equipment for the ROON community.



Sure, and the Application manager is part of rooExtend starting with v3.0.0 :+1:

Best DrCWO

Thanks to both.

@DrCWO I saw your project and it is so interesting, the external cd player is a good option: I have a Superdrive somewhere at desk. Maybe I will try it.

@peter_richardson I successfully installed the latest release of the Roon Extension Manager, obviously I was running an outdated release.

Now the question is how to reach max quality with the SR5014. With Audirvana I can stream at FLAC 192 Khz 24 bit.
With standard config it plays at 44.1 kHz 16 bit.
Changing Rheos to Player Status “Hi-Resolution”, upgrades to 44.1 kHz 24 bit.
Changed too (without knowing what I am doing …) Buffer size to “large”, Output size to “large”, without success.

Maybe should be something to change at the Squeezebox device?

Any idea?

Lot of thanks!


Just try, it’s nice and you also can run Application Manager on it in parallel using RHEOS as it supports ARMv8 :+1:

Hi Francisco,

So glad its working of you.

To stream 192 KHz 24 select High-Resolution in the setting menu for each player/amp/receiver:
(For HEOS devices you should enable High-Quality in the HEOS app if you haven’t already done so)

First select settings from the ROON → Extensions RHEOS → Settings

Then change the default drop-down from CD Quality to Hi-Resolution.

Save the settings.

To apply the new settings restart the extension from Roon Extension Manger.

Select restart :

And then save.

RHEOS will restart and you can confirm lossless 192kHz 24bit 2ch by clicking on the Signal Path indicator (which should be shining purple to indicate lossless transmission.

If your player(s) are not rediscovered on the restart simply select update for the application. Your configuration will be saved and the application will rediscover your Heos Players and connect them to UPnP.

Let me know if you find any issues please.

Thanks for trying.

The buffer size and output size are fine set to Large. It really just changes the amount of menmory used and prevents some of the issues on some systems. Most systems these days have ample memory to share so this can be useful. Try the experimental settings to see what impact they have. The default configuration will work with most HEOS players AFAIK.

By the way you can see that this allows you to stream QUOBUZ to HEOS which I think is pretty cool!



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Hello, no luck yet…

Captura de pantalla 2022-12-13 a las 1.01.20

Marantz Squeezbox

Captura de pantalla 2022-12-13 a las 1.03.03

But Heos shows


EDIT: these are captures from Audyssey for the same album, and others with different resolutions.



I can confirm this behavior on my own system.

Let me investigate and see what the issue might be!

I always relied on what was reported by ROON!



I have identified the bug.

Will upload a hot-fix tonight after confirming this is fixed on my local system (I am now showing 192KHz on My Marantz 6013.)

Thank you SO much for testing!

I have uploaded version 0.5.2-1 to Docker, GitHub and NPM. This streams at 192KHz. ROON Extension Manager should update automatically, but select update if needed.

In the ROON extension manager please select Settings->Extensions-> RHEOS → Settings and ensure Hi-Resolution is selected for any player where you want this. I am still testing to assess multiple Hi-Res player functions. Please report back any issues.

If anyone finds problems please let me know and I will do my bets to resolve.



An additional note:

In order to apply the new settings the app should be restarted,

Using Extension Manager:

Extension settings → Action → Update → Save


Extension settings → Action → Restart → Save

Check version is 0.5.2-1

This should now show 192kHz correctly when streaming to Heos enabled AVRs and amps.


First attempt was 3 hours ago, but maybe something related to repositories didn’t update to 0.5.2-1.
Now just repeated the process and worked!

To send the cover art and metadata should be fantastic! I will pay for it!

Thanks a lot.

Now it’s time to discover if Roon is what I need. I have Spotify and Apple Music, and the idea is to unify all platforms in only one. With radio stations, etc. But Roon is thinked for Audiophiles 2.0 and beyond, not for the ones like me, maybe…
I know that this isn’t the appropriate forum to discuss, but Volumio for my needs (stream to my only Marantz with Hi-Res) do the same, and more, for half the price, losing (I know) all the potential of the DB of Roon.

(12 days left…)