Roon Won’t Read External HD After 1.8 Update

That just means it is scanning files, if you click on that spinning wheel it will give you a Pop up box telling you exactly what it is doing.

Can you share or screen grab Settings → Storage? It should look something like this …

Please post the images here instead of providing a link….

Ideally, you should point Root at the folders that contain your music, not drives, nor folders that contain other stuff too. In your case I suspect it’s ‘Rickys-MacBook-Pro → Ricky’ that’s causing the problem with the extra files, i.e. there are 1,396,640 files on that drive, of which only 8573 are audio files.

Could you explain exactly where your music is stored?

On an external HD. What it is doing now it started on it’s own when I booted up Roon after allowing disc access. The MacBoo-Ricky-Music was the prvious path before Roon update

My music files are now showing up in Setting>Storage>Seagate HD. If I create a Music 2 folder and include them will that work?

Also I disabled the file scan…but still won’t allow me to sign in to Tidal

Then that’s the folder you should use. Disable the other folders (click the three dots, then select disable). Once you’ve done that, add ‘Rickys-MacBook-Pro > Ricky > Music’.

Hey @Ricky_McGrath,

As @DaveN recommended, please disable ALL your storage locations. Then go to Settings>Library>Library Maintenance>Clean up library.

After you click Clean up library, then reconfigure only the folder which contains your Music files. That should remove all the non-music files and get you going again.

Here’s an explanation of how Clean up library works:

Library cleanup makes Roon forget about files it had previously seen, but which aren’t currently available.

It basically means “stop remembering those files – they’re either gone forever, or they’ll be back and I want them re-imported completely fresh”.

I did this but still problems. When I reset the MacBook>Ricky>Music path only a few of my HD music files are loaded. I went to Support to see if I was doing something wrong and I can’t get past the pop up window…when I hit the button for Roon Help Center it is frozen like the Tidal Login tab.

Well the Tidal issue is fixed. But a still perplexing issue on HD. A bit of background is required. I was out of the country for a couple of years before COVID and lent me HD to friends so they could listen to my music collection. One of them added some of their own CD tracks to it so they could access all music from one source. This has not been an issue until now. When I setup the file path Mac>Ricky>Music on the HD it will only load the tracks my friend loaded, not the ones I burned. My music shows up in the Roon Folder and on my HD but won’t load to Roon

Screen shot of Roon Folders showing the beginning of my folders on HD

If there’s nothing on your ‘Seagate Portable Media’ drive other than music, you can add this as a storage folder too.

Can you confirm that the original files your burned are still in the Music folder on the other drive?

Perhaps your friend put his music in the folder called “Music”? Your screenshot shows your artist folders (with presumably album folders inside them) at the top level of the folder hierarchy on your drive. I think if you move them all into the folder called “Music”, then they will be found by Roon.

Thanks…but I can’t establish a higher level. When I hit the one level up button from my Music tab it shows the folders you see. This was a non-issue before the update as this is how I was set up and worked perfectly fine.