Roon won't find my new Nucleus Plus

Roon Core Machine

I just purchased a new Nucleus Plus with 2TB
I already set up a Roon Core on my PC (Microsoft Surface Book 2, i7, 16 GB), but I never used it. I have the latest version 1.8 installed.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My PC is on WiFi with a strong signal. My Nucleus is plugged into Ethernet. On the back one light blinks green and the other stays orange. It never turned soft white like the manual says it should.

Connected Audio Devices

Nucleus + to Chord Qutest to Naim Supernait 3.

Number of Tracks in Library

I plan to stream. The library on my PC based Core right now has less than 100 tracks.

Description of Issue

When I purchased the Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt, I got Roon free for a short period of time. So I downloaded the app onto by PC, which set up the Core there. I hoped it would work with Apple Music but I ultimately discovered that Roon is not compatible with Apple Music. I gave up on Roon at that time.
I then subscribed to Qobuz and streamed from my PC through the Cobalt. I then decided to purchase a Nucleus Plus and now I am trying to use it.
The Nucleus + is not being discovered on my network. I am being told that my Core is on my PC. At the Choose Core page, I hit search and it just keeps on searching… never finding the Nucleus.

I can’t seem to move forward from this point. I need help either removing the old Core from my PC, migrating it to the Nucleus. Something. But this sucks so far.

I find it irritating that there was no instruction manual that came with the device. I was left alone to figure out that I have a complication. Now I can’t get a human on the phone, but I have to write this all out on a community forum.

I would very much appreciate Roon helping me get this supposedly super-easy plug and play device working. I just gave you guys about 3K and I have no sound.

Thank you.

Not support, just a fellow user here.
Go to settings: general.
Click on disconnect next to core.
Then it will ask you to choose your core, it should then show both your PC and the nucleus.
Choose the nucleus.

Just as a note, support is not usually present on the forum over the weekend.

Thanks so much for responding.
Choose your Roon Core only shows my PC. It does not show the Nucleus.
Any other suggestions are much appreciated.

When I click Find my Roon Core (Nucleus, ROCK, etc), it just spins…

Can you see the Nucleus on your network at all?
Outside of Roon I mean from the PC?

If not then it’s either not on the same subnet somehow or possibly a bad Ethernet cable…it happens.

Also would it be possible to connect the Nucleus directly to a monitor via HDMI and see what comes up on the screen when you start the Nucleus up.

I’m not sure I know how to scan my network:
Settings - Network & Internet – Status, WiFi ???
I don’t see anything, not even my PC.

I plugged the Ethernet cable into my PC and it works.

I hooked up a monitor via HDMI and in the upper left corner there is text showing Roon Labs, model, OS, serial #, etc.

I’m perplexed.
I really appreciate your help.

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Just another thought, you have a nucleus so what happens if you use this screen and press find?

For network I would just use explorer and see what it shows at the bottom of the list as network devices are always last.
I’m on my phone or I would add a screenshot of what I mean/see on my PC.

When I click Find it just keeps searching, never finding.
I checked Explorer and the Nucleus is not among the devices connected.

I have an IT service at work. My PC and I believe my home network are under their control.
I wonder if they have a security setting that excluded the Nucleus.
I will ask them about it on Monday.
Thanks again for your help. It is very much appreciated.

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For whatever reason then it is not connected to your network, at least not the same one as your PC.
Or not visible .

You probably need to use an IP identity program like fing or similar to see if it’s actually being seen and if so what actual IP address it has.

Ah ok
Very possible.
Let us know your findings!
Have a good weekend.

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Will do. Thanks again.

This might help

Basic Manual

To get to the admin UI

Thanks so much for your suggestion.

I go to Setup – Find Roon OS – I press “Find” – I get “Roon OS Devices” pop-up that says “Searching for Roon OS Core”. It just keeps searching and never finds anything.

My Nucleus is turned on and is connected to the network. I have a green light flashing and an orange light constantly lit below the Ethernet input.

Appreciate your suggestions.

The usual disclaimer, I am just a fellow user like you hopefully being helpful. Anyway, until Support arrives…

The Find RoonOS searches the network subnet for the PC (aka Nucleus) and return a link to the WebUI. The same can be done by typing //NUCLEUSPLUS/ into the address bar. However, if Find RoonOS does not find it, then typing the above will not either.

Well, at the moment all you know is that it is on and you have plugged in an ethernet cable; you cannot know if it is connected to your home network without looking at the display. At this point, you need to attach a monitor and see what the OS is displaying. Post a picture of the screen, use a phone to capture it and upload it here. That way you and support can see what is happening.

If is says something like “Searching for Network Address”, then try a different Ethernet cable and/or a different Ethernet port on the switch.

If it is showing an actual IP number, verify that it and your laptop are on the same subnet. To be on the same subnet, the first three sections of the IP number of each device must be identical, so for example, Device A is ( and Device B is ( are on the same subnet because the first 3 (192.168.1) groups are the same. If Device B’s IP was instead (; then they would be on separate network segments.

Sometimes tech guys can separate Wireless and Wired networks into different subnets, for security. If you find that is the case, then you can test this quickly, by turning the Wifi OFF on your laptop and plugging an ethernet cable into it; forcing it to be on the same network. Then try “Find Roon OS”.


When you looked at this output from the Nucleus on the monitor it should mention about connecting to your network and show a network IP address towards the bottom of all the text? It should be a set of four numbers. If there is nothing there then for some reason it’s not connecting to your network. Rule out it’s not your network kit first if that’s ok then likely you have a faulty unit.

If it gives you an IP address then write it down and compare this IP address to your windows pc. They should have the first 3 set of numbers identical with the last set of digits unique to each device. If the first 3 set of numbers are different then your Nucleus and PC are not on same network so it won’t discover it. Speak to the people that manage your network if you can’t do so yourself and ask them to get it on the same one.

OK. First, thank you so much to everybody trying to help. I’m brand new to Roon and this is a very warm sense of community.

Here is my monitor:
IMG_2259 (1)

Looks like the Nucleus and the PC are not on the same network.
That IP address on the monitor is for a different WiFi that I don’t really use much, but others in the family do.

I will speak with my IT people to get on the same network. That should solve it.
Thanks again!


As I suspected it had to be from your details.
Fortunately other members managed to put it into much better wording than my efforts and got you to see exactly what the error is.
Hopefully once on same subnet everything should be good to go!

Thanks Hammer.

I got the Nucleus on the same network as my PC. I updated the firmware and while doing so, the system crashed. Then it came back up and completed the firmware update. I made it this far:

Looks great, right?

I hit Connect for the Nucleus and it just spun for > 10 minutes, never connecting.

I then got a Firewall pop-up superimposed on the screen in the picture. I pressed “Allow” and the pop-up disappeared.

I hit Connect and again it is still spinning indefinitely.

Any thoughts? I have a call out to my IT guy since I really wonder if there is a security issue holding me up.

I hope you all are finding this interesting. I am certainly learning a lot.

Thank you!