Roon won't open on iPad 10.1 7th gen

Roon server is on a Windows 10 PC and is an endpoint for desktop speakers. Works fine. Roon system and setup show my devices ,Node 2i, Pulse, and Denon AVR and I can play to them, but my android phone (which was working as a controller) and the Ipad as controller for the Node 2i aren’t recongized and can’t find the server . I bought the Ipad because there are no problems like with the Samsung Galaxy TabA. But the Roon program will not find the server from the Ipad. I’ve put in the Roon Server IP of, local IP of 192.168.1.xx and the local name of the desktop in the scan function with no success. What’s wrong and what’s next? Thanks for your help.

try entering as the server address on the remote
and see if it connects.

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@Rugby, Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve solved the problem. Windows (somehow) was set on Public Network and wouldn’t let the controller devices in. Once I changed the setting it instantly let the Ipad and my android phone in. One other fact in this puzzle is that my router died the day I bought the Ipad so the new router being recognized? by windows as being different changed some of my settings. Any way a real test of my patience is over. Thank you.

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