Roon won't open on my iMac

I downloaded Roon today but it won’t open. When I try to open the application I get a screen that says " Room is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it? I click on open and then nothing happens except the Roon icon at the bottom of the screen disappears.

I have a iMac new in 2015 running Sierra Ver 10.12.3.

I tried entering the script suggested into the terminal application page. But when I enter the PW it says “sorry try again”. I was entering the Roon password. Is that the PW I’m supposed to enter?

Roon is not active on my activity monitor.

Is it possible you inadvertently downloaded Roon Server? There is no visual interface for the server application.

No, I didn’t download Roon server.

Can you tell us what you downloaded, have you checked security settings on the Mac?

I downloaded Roon Mac OSX. What should I check for in the security settings?

Do you have any antivirus sw, try turning off the Mac firewall.

The firewall is off and I did not install any antivirus sw.

in “System Preferences/Security & Privacy” have you set “Allow apps downloaded from” to “Anywhere”?

Flagging for @support

I don’t have the choice of “anywhere”. It is set to App store and identified developers.

:open_mouth: how can it be? :confused:

here’s a screenshot from my MBP running macOS 10.12.3:

You have to click on the lock at bottom of screen,enter password then you can change it to anywhere

How do I get anywhere to show up? This a screen shot of my screen:

think I did it, when asked, while installing 10.12 for the very first time
(or, maybe, it was already enabled in 10.11: don’t remember)

looks now you have to…

but wait for @support as I’m not sure it is indeed necessary for Roon

I was able to add the “anywhere” option but it still will not open.

Does Roon under firewall options show Roon showing allow incoming connections ?

Where do I find Roon under firewall options?

Go to system preferences.Clck firewall tab.Click lock at bottom of screen enter password.Click on firewall options.

I switched to firewall on and opened the firewall options. It allows downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections. (Allows software signed by a valid certificate authority to provide services accessed from the network)

Am I supposed to do something to move the process along or do I wait for someone to contact me to fix this issue?

Ratbert flagged this issue for @support. Does that mean someone at Roon is checking into this?

Do I just cancel my subscription in a week if the issue is not resolved before my 14 day trial is up?