Roon won't open past the loading screen (Windows 10) [Resolved]

For the past two weeks, Roon has been unable to open after displaying the quotation and then showing the Roon semi-circle logo indefinitely in the center of the screen. I’ve tried rebooting, opening and closing the program… I have no other issues with my PC. There are no error messages…I just can’t get past the animated Roon logo.

Has someone ran into similar issues?



@edouard_de_courreges Is this the core machine or a remote?


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Hi @edouard_de_courreges ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I would like to take a look at your logs but first could you please provide me with the details of your setup as seen here.


Hi Eric,

I guess it ended up being a large update? Yesterday, it finally started working again after a message that stated that it had a particularly large update that might take a while. The odd thing is that it didn’t say this for two weeks; I actually thought that something might’ve been off with AWS or something. Anyway, here’s my setup in case a post-mortem helps.

1.3 Build 208 stable 64 bit
Windows 10
6600 i5, 16GB RAM
Music stored on hard drives within the tower
72K tracks (all CD or higher quality)

For what it’s worth, I wasn’t able to see the version/build, as the program wouldn’t open fully when I had my issue - so I couldn’t even checck my settings.

This all happened on my core (aforementioned tower)

And thank you (and the team) for the multiple fast replies.



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Hi Ed (@edouard_de_courreges) ---- Thank you for for following up and providing us with a status update. If anything else comes up please just flag either myself (@Eric) or support (@support) down and we’ll be glad to lend a hand.

Happy listening!